Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Porch Dwellers

Slowly but surely, the front porch is becoming the place that we go to, to get outside, but not get scorched by the sun. It makes being outside, this time of the year, totally doable. Not to mention, it's a "change of scenery" for the kids... lets them make a mess, and it's outside the house. I knew I wanted to store some toys outside... toys that remain ONLY outside. Figured... why not create some! You know, because I have a ton of time on my hands..

Everyone loves building blocks... they're ageless... fun for all. So to work we went. Charlotte and Daddy headed around town (we live in a neighborhood with constant construction of homes) to scope out scrap wood piles that the builders leave behind. They brought back a small little haul, and off to penciling out shapes and cutting they went. The quirkier and imperfect... the better...

Once the shapes were cut out, Charlotte got to sanding... and then painting... 

We painted a bunch multiple colors... and then the fun REALLY began... we whipped out the chalkboard paint.

Once we cured the paint... we were ready to create away... 

Then, a miracle happened... the girls played for 45 minutes, without needing my help... without asking for a snack... without fighting... and it was glorious. The time and effort we put into these blocks... TOTALLY WORTH IT. I foresee tons of porch dwelling in the weeks to come. 

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  1. This is so wonderfully creative and beautiful! Did you come up with this or was this a pinterest inspiration? I gotta say, it's so wonderful I just think, "wow, I wish I was this creative and industrious!" But even if I'm not, I'm so grateful there are creatives out there like YOU! I hope I can help bring a little whimsy and creativity to my kiddos childhood like you have. You rock!