Saturday, September 13, 2014

... To The Zoo

I can't even count how many times I've written about our Zoo on this blog... I probably have done it about once a month... because the Zoo... it has our hearts. Who knew it'd be our favorite place? When people come to town, we take them to the zoo... when we are bored, we head to the zoo... when we have to get school done but don't want to stay inside, we head to the zoo...

After we created our little Zoo Book the other day, of course we needed to go to the zoo and have a lesson on fact finding/gathering. Typically we get all of our basic subjects (Math, Reading/Writing and Phonics) done in the morning, and by 11:30 am, we're ready to head out of the house. Once we're at the zoo, we hit up the playground, which typically is one of our first stops... the kids can get all of their energies out... and my dear friend and I, can get some adult conversation in. It's a win win for all of us, not to mention we eat our lunches or snack a bit.

After that, it's animal time. We walk around and see some of our favorites... each visit, they're doing something new, so we never get bored. The larakeets, are among our favorites...

We also manage to squeeze in our lesson for the day.  We let the kids decide on which animal to write about. Thursday's pick, was the Samatran Tiger... we observed the tiger, read it's informational signs, and got to work in our Zoo Book... and within a few minutes, our lesson was done. It was super fun, and interesting... and the best part, is probably the drawing. I love seeing how different everyone's tigers turn out... and what facts are summarized.

More animal sightings happen after that lesson... and before we know it, 4 hours have passed.

The Zoo never gets old. I'm super impressed by how each visit is so unique... sometimes there are different animals out and about... sometimes animals have babies... sometimes we go to the Zoo with different friends, or just ourselves... sometimes the seasons are changing, which means a different "view" to take in... and sometimes just using a different potty makes the trip different from the time before.
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