Monday, September 15, 2014

Wiggle Out Loud

One of the joys in Charlotte's life... is music. When we first met her, in the orphanage... a little over 3 years ago... she didn't speak one word.. no Russian, no Ukrainian... nothing. The only sound that came out of her mouth, was a hum of some sort of tune. Her room in the orphanage was in the same hallway that the music room was... so, it all makes sense. The only sounds she heard, she recreated... it was the sweetest little hum ever. Even now, the girl can REALLY carry a tune... it's truly impressive... music is her life. I joke around a lot, and say that her life is a musical... and obviously she's the star in it. She sings EVERYWHERE she goes... and I'm okay with that... there's worse she could be doing (whining, crying, melting down, etc.)

I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Sunday morning, during one of Finn's feedings... seriously, that's all there is to do, when the little man is eating... and came across an advertisement for a Kid's Music Festival in the city... Even though the hubby was leaving to head out of state for the week for work, I knew I needed to take the kids. There's no way, I could have missed it, with Charlotte as my daughter. We kissed the hubby/Daddy goodbye a few hours before his plane was heading out... and made our way to the festival. It's called, "Wiggle Out Loud"... and that is exactly what she did. There were musicians geared towards children, totally family friendly performances... fun vendors... yummy food trucks... and tents filled with fun activities (making music with garbage-like bottles, cans, etc.) It was a great way to distract the kids from the fact that Daddy would be gone for the week... you know, anything to kill time, and make the hours fly by faster until he returns back to us.

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