Sunday, October 05, 2014

Dear Finn Mostyn { 2 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

2 months has passed... and boy has the last month gotten a whole lot easier. It's amazing how once we "cracked your Finn code"... life with you became so much sweeter. We figured out your eating routine, "almost" your sleep routine (you gave us 9 hours this month one night!), and your awake routine... We figured out what foods Mommy eats that don't agree with your belly, how you like to be held best, your favorite places to look up and around during tummy time, and of course we figured out when you will take your pacifier (and which kind you like). It was the month of figuring you out, since the first month was just getting acquainted with you.

You are growing in leaps and bounds.. you have your 2 month well check on Tuesday, BUT, when we put you on a scale, you're hovering around 10 lbs and some odd ounces, which is more than your sister at this age. You definitely are starting to fill out your 3 month clothes, and your legs/arms are so long, that they're not always entirely covered. You are super long, and your feet just get bigger and bigger. We fear they may be as big as Mommy's feet by the time you're 1!

You are so much more awake these days... and we love seeing those big blue eyes. They're so precious, and they do so much talking... they squint into nothing when you're smiling (which you graced Mommy with your first real awake smile the day before you were 6 weeks old), they get big and surprised looking whenever you're listening out for our voices (especially when Charlotte sings or Marley screams), and they look so thankful or like they have a smile of their own during and after feedings.

Oh your smile... it lights up our lives... but you're sure to NOT flash it often... yet. You make us work for that smile... always surprising us with it when we least expect it. Mommy has tried multiple times to capture it... and all we get is a little half smile/smirk... never the full smile... hopefully soon she'll snap a few of those with her camera.

You love bath time just as much as Marley does, if not more. You can sit and splash yourself in the water for over an hour...which is great, because that's when Mommy is cleaning up the rest of the kitchen while keeping a close eye on you in the tub in the sink. Everytime we wash your hair, you close your eyes and let out the sweetest little sigh... like it's the most glorious thing ever. You don't like getting out... the water is where you want to be.

During your "awake" time, you love when your sisters come and pester you... they sing, poke you with their fingers, and want to hold you. You love listening to their little voices, and try and coo right back at them... like you have something really important to say. We hope you use that voice to speak up when you're older... because right now, they win in the noise volume department. We can't wait to see how you interact with them more and more every month...week... day that passes. We are sucking in all your cuteness right now...

You are so loved... so so loved.

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley
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