Sunday, October 19, 2014

From The Heart (An Easy DIY)

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Charlotte's 7th birthday, with a "dress up dance party"... per her request. I took crazy amounts of photos... and it wasn't all done "just because it's a Karen thing to do"... it was because the photos were going to be used as a favor, to say "thank you" to her dear friends for coming to the party and joining in on the fun. Charlotte LOVES photos... she scrolls through my camera roll daily on my phone. I thought it would be fun if we created photo booth strips and magnetic clothespins to send to all of her friends to remember the day well.

There are a lot of different places where you can print your photos/Instagram images these days... but I knew I wanted to try out Social Print Studio. You don't have to have an IG account to print through them. In fact, I took most of these photos with my camera, and then loaded them onto their site to create the strips. Once created, they showed up in my mailbox 3 days later... boom, first part of her favors, done.

Then Charlotte picked out some colors, and painted each of the fronts of the clothespins. We could have left them a plain color... but instead, she embellished with a gold paint.... and then we stuck a magnetic strip to the back of each magnet.

She stamped a little "thank you" and signed her name to some paper doilies... and her favors were complete. We packaged them up, and shipped them off. Many times candy and tiny toys are put into "goodie bags" or used as favors for birthdays, but remembering the day through photos, makes the celebration that much sweeter... not to mention the handmade aspect. It makes it much more "from the heart", and what can be better than that?

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