Friday, October 31, 2014

"Hi!" to our neighbors

We dress up all the time in this house...Pretty much everyday, Charlotte wears at least 1 dress up... and tries to convince Marley (sometimes she does, and other times she doesn't) to dress up alongside her. I'm fairly certain that her dress up bin has more stuff in it, than her actual closet... Halloween, it isn't about the candy for my little ones... that's for sure. It's more so about dressing up, and saying "hi!" to our neighbors...

With creating a Little Red Riding Hood costume for Marley, and a wolf costume for Finn... I tried to convince Charlotte to be the "woodsman/huntsman" in the story... but she wasn't won over by the idea of flannel plaid, beard and ax... she insisted on being Merida (a costume she was gifted from her grands this past birthday). This girl is usually so great at "playing the part"... halfway through our trek around the neighborhood she stated, "Merida doesn't walk... she rides a horse, so can I sit on the stroller?" ... such a smart little one...

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