Monday, October 20, 2014

Modern Day Cinderella

 I still remember when Charlotte was 3.5 years old (just a few weeks after we adopted her), how often she played with all of the shoes around the house. She'd hop around in Daddy's flight boots, put her toes (incorrectly) between the thongs on Mommy's sandals, and oh how she loved high heels. We'd find our shoes everywhere in the house... never in the place where we left them. Marley is already going through this phase... I call her the "Modern Day Cinderella", because she just loves trying on every shoe that is in her eye sight. Her sister jumps the day away on the trampoline... and Marley tries on everyone's shoes that's jumping. She could spend hours doing this... and often does. Just like her sister, she leaves them all over the place.... it is so entertaining to witness... especially when she delights in finding a shoe that fits.

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