Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: This week was a little tough with that 7 year old daughter of yours. I'm not sure if she's trying to push the boundaries... well, actually, I'm sure of that. She's pushing to test the limits, and is figuring out how much she can get away with (or not get away with). It's draining to say the least. Her glasses are fixed, and she's back to handstands all day, everyday... and she's perfecting her one handed cartwheel. She's keeping up with school... just learned how to add 3 digits, and is beasting contractions. Ordered some books for her... excited to dig into Art History with the little one (since she loves art/craft time so much).

Marley: oh Marley... where do I start with this little cookie? I've had to laugh, A LOT this week, to keep from crying over certain situations. I already shared with you how I unzipped her pajamas one day to find a HUGE surprise smeared allllll over her leg and down to her ankle. Yeah, that was fun... but not just that... she got into the pantry, and dumped the bag of rice everywhere. Of course, she couldn't contain it to one area. She has mastered the art of twisting bottle tops... "kid proof", I don't think so... Marley has figured you out. She also figured out how to climb, really well... I find her on top of the living room table and on the chest in the guest room, all the time. She attempts to dance on these, like it's her stage... I have no idea where she gets the idea from (Thank you Charlotte- when she "performs" on the fireplace...)

Finn: He couldn't be any sweeter than he is. He's the easiest one to handle these days. He eats, sleeps, wakes up and wants to play for about 90 minutes to 2 hours. He really enjoys just laying around and watching the girls... even while doing tummy time. He started sucking his hand this week, a lot. Not sure if it's teething, or if it's just an exploring his body thing. He must find it tasty, because it's always in his mouth. He has been giving me some good sleep this week, and for that I'm thankful. His favorite though, seems to be from 8-10 pm... hanging out with me, after the girls are tucked away and asleep. He talks up a storm. He just wants all my attention, and I give it to him... it's "our" time, and I'm okay with it.

Me: This was the first time, where I actually felt the week fly by. That first week took SO long to get through... but this week, flew. I'm so thankful for that. We actually had a little bit more of a "lax" week... filled it with a lot of sewing time, and playing/cuddling with the babies. It got REALLY cold, and so we stayed in as much as we could. Starting to find a rhythm without you... and it's a love/hate relationship. I LOVE that we're finding a rhythm, for my own sanity... it feels GREAT knowing that there's a normalcy again. However, I HATE that this normalcy doesn't involve you... We miss you, that I am certain... and it's sad having a new bath/bedtime routine without you around or that weekends really aren't exciting, because you're not there to enjoy it with us. But, a routine is vital for our kiddos, and my well being... and it's safe to say, that we are beginning to figure it out.

Story of the Week: I was hanging out with Finn in the living room while he was doing tummy time... encouraging him... clapping him on (He definitely LOVES to be cheered on). The girls were playing in Charlotte's room. I had to use the bathroom... so I flipped Finn over to his back, and put a bunch of toys around him so that he could stretch out and "play". I walked away to the bathroom.  He's definitely figured out when someone has gone away, and he is not a fan of that. He enjoys independent time...but would much rather have the company from either his sisters or me. Anyways, cue the wailing (from me walking away from him)... I'm going potty, and his wailing continues... all of a sudden, it's completely quiet. Hm... I'm a little nervous... and all of a sudden, I hear Marley's giggle... now I'm really nervous. I finish up in the bathroom, come out and see Marley straddled on top of Finn, bent over, and he's sucking on her nose... she's laughing hysterically, pops her nose out of his mouth, points to her nose, and calls it a "ba ba"... Yes, sweet pea, Finn is sucking on your nose like it's his bottle... The worst part, is that she's been fighting a head cold, and I'm fairly certain that her nose wasn't the only thing he was sucking on...

Out take: Take a look at Finn's frightful face... crack.me.up.

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  1. Go mama! What a sweet week...excited for you that it flew by! And I love hearing about Marley and Finn..."ba ba!"

  2. Oh my that story was too hilarious! And I love seeing your girls love up on Finn like that. I pray that Zoe will do the same with her sibling.