Monday, November 24, 2014

3 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: This last week, felt like it was a rough week for Charlotte... well really, it was a rough week for us all. Charlotte was the clumsiest this week... falling all over the place, and bumping into things. She saw Dr. Scott, for her eyes on Thursday, and he upped her prescription. Especially for her left eye... the one that still goes "in" quite a bit. Everytime we go to these appointments, your daughter shines. Seriously, she brightens everyone's day... doctor included... and often just amazes them with her questions and her excitement over their occupation. The good news, is that we won't have to go for another eye appointment for a year, now that she's 7! She's been doing so great with school work... keeping up every weekday... and doubling up if she misses a day. She's figured out contractions for Phonics... and LOVES them. She spots them everywhere now... especially in books. She's memorizing her addition, which is making adding triple digits a lot easier for her little brain... and quicker. This week we tackled measuring in inches, and drawing specific measurements. She loves it... says that when you get back, she wants you to let her do the measurements for your wood projects!

Marley: Oh sweet Marley... she wasn't so sweet this week. She's been quite the beast. I've had to really put my foot down with her this week. Sticking to the rules, and making sure not to slip up. She cries... screams, whenever I use the "N" word... it is not pretty. She definitely gets so frustrated when we don't understand what she's trying to tell us... but each day, a new word comes out, or she points to what she wants, and it's starting to feel a little easier communicating with her. She's a hoot though... dances all over the house, and sings "Moon Moon Moon" to me, while we get ready for bed... in anticipation of going to bed. Ever since she dropped a nap, her other nap has lengthened some... it went from 2 hours to sometimes 3 hours now. It's definitely a beautiful, well needed break from her... and she always wakes up super refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Finn: Oh this little man, I feel like he's changed the most since you've been gone. More and more smiles each day... and he has the silliest little laugh, where it sounds like he's choking on his smiles or something. His favorite thing these days, is laying RIGHT beside his sisters, to watch them play, to coo and grab their attention. He LOVES them so much... and I can just see it in his eyes, that he longs to sit up and run around and play with them. So when they pay him attention, he's all heart eyes for those girls. It's the sweetest. It really is. He enjoys standing up so much these days... he's so good at locking his knees. I think it'll be just a few more weeks, and then we'll be able to pull out the jolly jumper. The big thing that happened this week, was that he took the binky, A LOT, and LIKED it. It's been awesome for me, because I'm starting to differentiate between when he's hungry versus soothing, while nursing him. The time in between his feedings, is lengthening, which makes it feel like he's starting to get more on a routine, instead of me just feeding him on demand.

Me: This week was busy... like I already stated, it was a rough week. Seeing you on Facetime, was by far, the highlight of my week... I needed was a recharge, and happened at just the right time in my week... when I was feeling the lowest of lows... Thank you for that. Please... call me more. I love hearing your voice. Just know you are treasured... So much sewing, cleaning, and getting the house in order... all while, schooling, and parenting (for the both of us)... I'm really missing "me" time... which in turns make "me" feel like I'm losing myself. Now that I typed it, it sounds a bit selfish. I guess what I mean, is... that everytime I pee... someone's there... everytime I shower... someone's knocking and asking for a snack... everytime I sit down to breathe and take my first sip of coffee... someone (Finn) needs to nurse... everytime I'm driving in the car, the others are with me... and then, when they're all in bed, I'm EXHAUSTED, and join them... and then I wake up, and feel like I hit repeat. It's exhausting to say the least... I think when you return, I might sleep for a whole week straight.... please, let me sleep for a whole week straight.

Story of the Week: On Friday, the babysitter came over to watch the girls, so that I could go out and get away for a bit (with Finn)... go figure, as soon as she showed up, bells went off to Marley that something wasn't right. She literally screamed and cried and held on to my leg tightly... she didn't want me to go. What was I to do? Well, of course, I shlepped both babies around... this totally felt more like Charlotte had a date night with the sitter... and I picked the short end of the stick. But, whatever... I made the most of it. I made my way at the end of the night, to Kohls... and before heading in, I fed Finn in the car, just to make sure he wouldn't start crying as we were walking around the store. So, I fed him, and then loaded both babies in the stroller, and made my way into Kohls. I walked all over the store, in search of a few items... probably spent about 20 minutes... maybe 30, before checking out. A lot of people were shopping... I think it's because they had a Friends and Family 20% off coupon that was expiring the next day. I get to the register, pull out my wallet, and as I look down at the counter waiting for the lady to ring everything up.... boom, I notice something... My shirt is completely unbuttoned, nearly to my belly button... from feeding Finn. I forgot to button it back up before heading into the store. WHO KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE SAW THAT AND DIDN'T SAY A THING... I quickly buttoned up my shirt, tried to blow it off like I was a breastfeeding rookie... and walked out the door, shaking my head in shame.

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  1. Replies
    1. Even the crazy ones... ps. I don't usually wear button shirts but have totally had similar experiences with clothing and nursing. ;)

  2. That is such a hilarious story from Kohls! Praying for you as you rock this time alone with the kids. <3

  3. This post made me cry for you and laugh with you. You are such a strong person and an amazing mama. I hope next week goes a little more smoothly for you! And I know how tough that separation anxiety stage is! It'll get better!! Hugs!

  4. Just BUST OUT LAUGHING at the shirt thing in Kohls. Oh man Karen...too funny! Hope you get some me time soon - I know how hard it is to do it alone.