Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Dear Finn Mostyn { 3 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

We cannot even begin to describe how fast the months are flying by. When you were born, and we complained about the lack of sleep, and adjustments of having a newborn again, we said, "We just need to get to 3 months... " ... and here we are... at 3 months old.

Not that we have anything against newborns... It's that 3 months old feels like such a magical's at 3 months old (in our memories with your sister Marley) where you start to become... fun. You're still cute and what not but ... you smile at us... and we can do things now, to get you to laugh. You're not just a little blob that looks completely helpless... you're a growing little boy.... and an adorable one at that.

You LOVE to watch and observe your sisters. You think they're super funny... in fact, you flash them smiles whenever they come around to say hello to you, or to show you a toy they're playing with. One thing that really gets you smiling so much, that you start to laugh... is when Mommy pulls off your socks with her mouth... and then "pooooofs" them onto your face. You think it's hilarious.... and if your sisters are around, they get quite a kick out of it as well....

In this last month, you've blessed us with more 6-8 hour night sleeps... and it's been a beautiful thing. You know exactly when to give it to us... it's such a special gift from you... and we thank you for those nights. Your naptimes are starting to become more regular... and pretty much anytime you're in the car, you become narcoleptic. If you're having a crabby day, we usually just head out of the house, and it turns your mood completely around. There's something about the combination of the carseat and the humming of the truck.

You met your grandma and great grandma on your Mommy's side for the first time this month... and of course, they just adored you... how could they not. It was such a sweet time...

You still adore baths... in fact, we can completely dump water over your head, and you think it's wonderful. No tears whatsoever... you're meant to swim, just like your Daddy. Something tells me, you will LOVE the pool next summer... the same way your sisters love it. What did happen this month, that has never happened before in the history of all your sisters... is you pooped in the tub! Way to go...

The hardest thing that happened this month... is saying goodbye to your Daddy for his deployment for a few months. You have no idea what's going on... and it's probably better that way. Hopefully by showing you pictures and being able to Facetime/Skype, you'll be able to figure out who he is, so he's not a complete stranger when he gets back. Mommy has been trying to figure out ways to "rough house" you, so that you toughen up... that's usually Daddy's job. As hard as it's been for Mommy, raising 3 kids on her lonesome... having you around is comforting. You're the man of the house while he's gone, and you're certainly holding down the fort. Just when Mommy gets frustrated, you flash that grin... and she calms down... Just when Charlotte and Marley are fighting over a toy... you toot, and of course everyone laughs at your toot and forgets about the toy. You are our peacemaker dear boy... our calm in the storm...

You are so loved, so so loved.

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley
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