Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 recap

The presents were set out on Christmas Eve... I cleaned like a crazy person (as a present to myself)... the next morning, Charlotte was awake first, then Marley, then Finn... When the girls came out of their rooms, they entered the living room, and instead of heading straight to the tree... Charlotte exclaimed, "WOW, Mom... the house is cleaned! Was Angelica here last night (our housecleaner)?" Yup, the fact that the house was cleaned mattered more so than the gifts... and at least her comment left me smiling, instead of feeling guilty for not giving as much attention to my house these days. There was a sweet package all the way from Japan from a dear friend who sent the sweetest little gifts for me and my clan (vintage kimonos, an ornament for Finn and a mug for me) and a package from another friend all the way from my old stomping grounds in New Jersey, filled with coffee beans ( I cannot wait to fuel up on them... they smell delicious.) 2 big boxes from the grandparents in Harrisburg... the girls could barely handle opening any more gifts, there were that many! Note to self for next year, feed the kids breakfast BEFORE opening gifts.... and don't let Charlotte rush through the opening (otherwise she'll start opening everyone else's presents... enough said.) We ate breakfast after opening gifts, and then headed straight to the elderly home. We were able to chat with Daddy for a few minutes... making the day even that more sweeter. We ate dinner and had fellowship at a friend's house, and the kids were all in bed by 8... such a sweet day celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

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