Friday, December 05, 2014

Dear Finn Mostyn { 4 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

Can hardly believe that another month has come and gone... and yet, we can. We knew the time would pass by quickly... it always does.

You've grown SO much this month. Not just physically... but developmentally. We will know stats on you this afternoon when we take you to your 4 month check up, but Mommy would say you've gotta be close to or over 14 lbs.... and you seem like forever long. Seriously, just when you start to plump up... it feels like you grow another inch. We think you'll catch up with Marley in NO time. This month you started to really enjoy tummy time. You have even started to roll from your belly to your back (you sort of just take the plunge and topple over... so cute). You're currently working on rolling from your back to your belly. You get so close on your side, and then get distracted with all the toys around you. You swat for your toys all the time, and snuggle stuffed animals. Right now, your current favorite is definitely the stuffed lion that your Uncle Joey gave you (before you were born)... that his college's name on it. You snuggle it, and suck on the lion's mane. None of the girls touch it after you're done playing with it... because it usually needs to dry off for a bit.

You are so close to making friends with your toes...SO close. You get to them with your fingers, but can't quite snatch them yet. Once you do, we know they'll be your best friends for awhile. For now, it's fun watching you rock all over the place trying to grab them.

Your hair is pretty much blonde... the same way that Marley's is. The change happened with you a lot sooner, than it did with her. It's the fuzziest... and we can see all the hair underneath that is growing in. 

You found Mommy's camera this month. Whenever she moves around to take your pictures... you follow her every move so intently. So when she was trying to grab a picture of your hair, your little head darted upwards trying to find her... you use this new tracking SO well. When your sisters are in the room, you immediately find them. They can entertain you so much. You love when Charlotte reads to you... you stare in awe of her reading skills... and you love when Marley pokes you... you smile at her like it's funny... unless she gets your eye. 

You LOVE being tickled... Mommy has found 3 main spots so far. Your toes make you squirm, your armpits make you squeal when we are changing your outfit, and under your neck makes you smile SO big.

You started sleeping through the night on a regular basis this month (the last 7 days have pretty much been glorious, with the exception of 1 day). We're talking 10-11 hours at times. You wake SO happy those mornings. You're starting to go down during the day, at specific nap times. You usually have about 3 right now... One little one in the morning, one big one in the afternoon, and one little one at night around dinner time. Mommy is trying to get you on the 2 naps a day schedule, but it's super hard. Eventually you'll get there... we know it. You especially need the one that's in the evening... if you don't get it, we have some serious witching hours with you. The only way to make you happy in those moments, is by putting you in the bath. Which by the way, you fell asleep in the tub this month... you love it THAT much. You looked so peaceful sleeping in the water. Oh, and about sleeping, you snore like a bear. We thought your sister was a bear... but clearly, you're more so. WOW. You definitely put Mommy to sleep every night with your snores. We know where you get that from... and it's definitely not Mommy. So, although Daddy is gone, Mommy feels like he's still here at times. You are her sound machine.

Daddy misses you a bunch little man... everytime he sees you on FaceTime, he says how big you've gotten. Mommy sees you everyday, so she doesn't see it much... but he does. You love listening to his voice... like it's a familiar sound to you. When he gets back, you have SO much catching up to do. Mommy is trying her best to "rough house" you... BUT, I'm afraid it's not even close to what Daddy would be doing to you if he were here. You're lucky!

You are so loved, so so loved...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley
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