Sunday, December 07, 2014

To The Fish

We made our way to the aquarium a while back, when my sweet sister-in-love came out to surprise visit me for Thanksgiving. Most people head to the shops on Black Friday... we made our way to the fish... it was nice to take an adventure... especially one where having an extra set of hands, meant I could enjoy it as well. If it was just me with the 3 kiddos... I would have been chasing after one... while answering another's million questions... while breastfeeding... yeah, that would have been an awkward sight.

 Also, we totally drove some of the way on historic Route 66! Marley was far from impressed... 

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  1. looks like so much fun!! I love the aquarium (and it always makes for really good pictures) The extra set of hands is always so useful during the breastfeeding phase. I occasionally make it to the zoo or the children's museum a lone, but it can be challenging when Elise needs to eat and Millie wants to run. I have been trying to learn to breastfead in the carrier, but it isn't as easy as some make it look!!