Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Want, Need & Handmade

When it comes to giving for the kids, we go super simple and easy... We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in our house, and don't do the whole Santa gig... Seriously, we stay away from all events where Santa may appear, for fear that Charlotte will "spill the beans to some little one"... Just today, someone in the grocery store asked, "Are you being good so that Santa can bring you lots of presents?" ... Charlotte's response was awesome. "Ha ha ha ha, you're so funny... Santa doesn't give me presents, Mommy and Daddy do... and I always try and be obedient, because God wants me to." Oh, I could have smooched her face off. We do give gifts to our little ones, but again... we don't go crazy. We do 3 gifts: 1 want, 1 need and 1 handmade. Works for us, and works for them. So this year, it was a little last minute, but I put together the sweetest little handmade dolls for each of them... think of them, as "mini me's". Each one has a little wish on their arm, of something that I hope they will be, or continue to be... I hope they cherish these for years to come...

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  1. Seriously adore the way you approach the holiday season - there is a reason for the season and it is not Santa. People have always thought we were insane for not teaching our kids the whole "Santa" thing! These dolls on the other hand need to make their way to your shop! They are adorable and perfect in every way!