Monday, January 19, 2015

11 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: Not much new stuff has gone on this last week since I last wrote. I mean... these kids are changing daily, but I don't see it... because I see them everyday. But, SO many people are raving about Charlotte's teeth, and how she's talking now that she actually HAS teeth. She's growing up tremendously... and I tell her to slow down, but she doesn't listen. She's cracking me up with her jokes still, and she's always trying to find ways to make Marley or Finn laugh... it's truly the sweetest thing. One thing I noticed about her this week... when she colors, she takes on the personality of whatever it is that she's coloring. So, today, she was coloring a picture to go along with a story she wrote for her phonics schoolwork. She had to draw a picture of a cat that was chasing a bird. While she's drawing the cat, she starts "meowing"... and the other day she was coloring in her Frozen book... and boom, she's talking like Hans while she's coloring him. Or she's singing "In Summer" while she's coloring Olaf. It's HYSTERICAL. I absolutely love watching where her mind goes.

Marley: We've had some great days, and some terrible days this week with this little one. She's teething (those eye teeth are finally coming in) and she's just a witch at times. It's tough to get her to listen these days... she has a one track mind. She's everywhere in the house making messes... I can't keep up with her these days. I almost want to pay Charlotte a few dollars to follow her around, and clean up whatever she does after she's done doing it, just so I don't have to. At the end of the day, she has started cleaning up and organizing the toys in the living room, so long as you sing the "clean up" song to her. It just doesn't work any other time of the day.

Finn: This little guy MUST be going through a growth spurt. He's over 15 lbs (at least that's what our scale says). He's been waking up to eat every few hours at night again... it's murdering me. But, it's what he should be doing right now, and I can't hold that against him. He's eating avocados like a champ... and even had his first taste of sweet potatoes, which he really liked. He's only eating a few spoonfuls at a time, but it seems to be hitting the spot for him. He's had some bad days where he's been totally gassy (I'm sure it's his tummy getting used to introducing solids)... but as soon as it passes (literally and figuratively) he's good to go, and is in a fantastic mood. He also went in the stroller for the first time this week without the car seat adapter... and LOVES it. He enjoys walks so much... that it's almost like the same thing as being in the car.... he automatically falls asleep.

Me: I've been trying to take one day at a time. I feel like I'm forgetting something each day... that I missed something on the calendar... but so far it doesn't seem like I have. Trying to get things in order, in order to visit my dear friend down in Texas next week. So looking forward to being out of the house for a little bit... I have a mile high project pile that needs to be tackled before I head anywhere though. But, as always, as soon as I go to do something, the babies wake from their naps... so they seem to never get done. The weather has been so beautiful... that it's also hard to sit down and get stuff done. Who can say no to walks and playing outside when it's in the 70's in winter!?! I started to "eat clean" again last Sunday, and it's been fabulous. Down 3 pounds officially... and SO much more energy than before.... which is a big deal. I'm even drinking decaf, and not regular most days. I know, it's crazy!

Story of the Week: This week, it felt like Charlotte has been burning holes in her leggings like it's her job. Seriously. She has 8 pairs of leggings, and by the middle of the week, 5 of them had big... I mean HUGE, holes in the knee area. When she came up to me to show me her hole on her 5th pair, I said, " REALLY... AGAIN... Charlotte, the next time you get another hole in your leggings, you're going to spend the rest of the day naked... because I'm tired of all these holes that are destroying your pants."  I was so frustrated. These leggings are perfectly fine, it's just that she's constantly crawling around on the ground/floor with Marley and who knows what else. Two days ago, I was coming out of the shower (the babies were napping) and I looked outside and Charlotte was jumping on the trampoline BUTT NAKED... I kid you not. I quickly put on my robe, marched myself over to the back door and yelled at her to come inside. I asked her why she was naked...  she went over to the garbage can, and pulled out legging pair #6, that had a HUGE hole in the knee area... and said, "Well, you told me that if I got another hole in my leggings that I'd have to spend the rest of the day naked...." Guess we're headed to the outlets this weekend to get her some pants.

And today, pair number 7 bit the dust (as you can see from the photo above).
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