Monday, January 26, 2015

12 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: Getting this girl to put on her hearing aids, has become a CHORE this week. She doesn't want to wear them... which is weird, because they help her. It kills me. She's SO excited about our trip this week, that this whole week she's been telling everybody about where she's going and who she's going to see. She's been a little tattler this week... all she does is call out everyone and their behavior. I'm not sure where she picked this up... but she does it... I guess it's pretty age appropriate, but still. She's been a big helper though... and I honestly don't know how I would be able to survive with two babies without her help.

Marley: Oh this girl and her temper. She is okay one minute, and the next, she's a hot mess. She's the happiest little girl, but if you get in her way, or don't let her play with something that she's looking to play with, game on. We're working on it with her, but right now, nothing seems to stick with her. She loved reading lots of books this week, and enjoyed playing outside. She loves bouncing on the trampoline, and still doesn't want to wear shoes most of the time. She makes me laugh a lot though. Anytime music is playing, she's dancing. Anytime I sing to her, she's dancing. She's the dancing queen.

Finn: Oh he did SO well this week with bedtime (but naps sort of were a hit or a miss for him). Almost every night he was in bed and fast asleep by 8 o'clock. Except on the eve of my roadtrip departure... he stayed up until 11... it was as if he knew I needed to get SO much done. He is talking up a storm... to anything that'll listen... whether it's a person, a stuffed animal, or a ceiling fan. He's jabbing away. He still hates rolling, and absolutely hates tummy time. He can spend countless minutes sitting up in the bumbo, or playing in the exersaucer. This week,  he had some crazy milestones with eating solids. He loves avocados, sweet potatoes and bananas. He'll be trying butternut squash, pears and apples next. He loves it though... has quite an appetite. He doesn't want just one meal a day... he wants at least 2.

Me: I'm SO excited to leave the house, and head off on an adventure. Everyone that I've talked to about it, thinks I'm crazy, but really... I just need out of the house. I'm so excited to see my dear friends down in Texas... and although it's quite the hike (10.5 hours), it's totally worth it. I'm sure on next week's post, I'll have a lot to say about that. This week, I was able to cross of some items on my "projects" list. FINALLY. I still have countless things on it. I also started a list for you, for when you get back! It still feels like forever until you're home... but, that's okay, hopefully with February being a shorter month, it'll go by quicker.

Story of the Week: This week has been mighty quiet in the "story" sense. Of course Charlotte had a lot of "one liners"... and Finn laughed at himself after he tooted. While my parents were here, my Dad took on Runyan's litter box as "job"... it was the sweetest gesture, not just to me, but to Runyan too. He changed it twice in the 6 days that they were here.... 1.5 weeks later, and I completely FORGOT to change it... well, sure enough, Runyan was sure to remind me... he pooped RIGHT outside his litter box... Yes cat, thank you for your reminder... noted. That will not happen again.

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  1. Our Miley does the same thing when I forget to clean her litter box on time! Happy Monday xxx