Tuesday, January 06, 2015

9 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: This week, with my parents visiting... your little girl has been busy. She wants to show off all her new skills... "hey, watch me do this... look at me now... check out what I can do..." She's our little show off. She's been doing cartwheels all over the living room... just a bundle of energy that one. She's loved having them around though... talks off everyone else's ear... not just mine. When they head out tomorrow, it's going to be so tough... complete Omi and Opa withdrawl for her. For all of them.

Marley: This week, Marley has really been a handful... a stubborn, thick headed handful. We've been working on sharing, and "please"... but it's something that's SLOOOOOOWLY being learned. There were many "sorry"s that she had to say this week... lots of smooches and hugs she had to give out to apologize for her behavior. The very first day that Omi and Opa came, she tripped and banged her head into the fireplace. She had a HUGE egg that blew up over her left eye... we were pretty scared... it didn't look too pretty. But no signs of trauma... and after a few minutes of tears, she went about her day. It looks now like she got a nice shiner... wish there was a better story to go with it, but sadly, there isn't. She's a tough one though.

Finn: This week, Finn has been able to have some help in the testosterone department having Opa here. He is calmed down by his voice, and it's so sweet. He definitely liked being held as much as he was... having tons of attention, and looking at faces other than Mommy's. Something has been keeping this guy up... he's so crabby at times. Today for instance, he only slept 1 hour out of the entire day. He had one 40 minute nap in the morning, and a quick 20 minute nap in the afternoon.... he just fought sleep ALL day long. He wasn't always crabby... in fact, for the most part he was content. But, it meant that much couldn't get accomplished. Hoping this is a fluke day, and that he'll go back to sleeping well and what not soon. I'm guessing a major developmental leap... but who knows.

Me: I've SO enjoyed having my Mom and Dad here visiting... for so many reasons. For the extra hands to help, for the adult conversation, and to see them love on our little ones. The time always goes by so quickly... It's going to be super tough to see them go tomorrow. Airport drop offs are the worst... I feel like I have PTSD, from the day that we dropped you off. No doubt tomorrow will be spent cuddling the babies and reminiscing over all the fun we had with them. I'll ease myself back into single parenting, and have low expectations for the rest of the week.

Story of the Week: On New Years Eve, I decided to take a shower (since it had been 3 days since my last)... and I did so while Finn was napping. I told Charlotte to keep an eye on Marley for me, and made my way in. When I came out (about 15 minutes later), I heard tons of giggling on my bed in my room. All of a sudden, I hear the little beep that happens when you click on my iPhone to summon Siri... and "Siri, what's your favorite kind of pizza?" says Charlotte. "I don't have a favorite kind of pizza", says Siri. (giggle giggle, beep beep) "Siri, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?" says Charlotte. "I'm not partial to any one particular flavor." (giggle giggle, beep beep) "nah dah tak gab aba gaga na na ma ma" says Marley. "What's that, I didn't quite catch what you're saying." says Siri. (beep beep) "ma ma moo moo shine in bwi..." says Marley. "I don't seem to understand you." says Siri. I died of laughter... I'm fairly certain they played with my phone, trying to talk to Siri for over an hour... apparently she makes the best kind of sitter.

While Dad and Mom were here, we made our way to the Art Museum in OKC, and also to the Science Museum... here are a few photos that I snapped while at the Art Museum... surprisingly, your oldest daughter did AWESOME... she loved everything about it.

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