Monday, January 05, 2015

Dear Finn Mostyn { 5 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

To think another month has gone by... is crazy. When you were first born, we were so excited for you to get bigger... and now we kind of wish time would slow down a little. Everyday you seem to be changing... your personality is showing more and more... and you're down right handsome.

You've definitely grown since last month. When Mommy steps on the scale with you, and then without you... there's a 14.5 pound difference most of the time. Who knows how long you are now... I'm sure well over 26 1/12 inches. We will get to find out your new stats next month at your doctor's appointment. But right now you seem to be doing exactly what you should be doing... eating, pooping and growing... sleeping is hit or miss with you still, but we're working on that this month. Mommy is trying some sleep training on you... but you're even more stubborn than your older sister Marley in that department... so it might take awhile before we have you on a routine. You really... I mean, REALLY... fight sleep. Fight sleep like a champ. You'll get there... we are pretty sure about that, it'll just take some time. For now... we say, you're lucky you're so cute.

You squeal so much now when you're happy. When you're not squealing, you're blurping and making raspberry sounds. You're such a boy... you've definitely perfected those sounds. And while you do it... the drool goes everywhere. 

Speaking of drool... all you do is stick your fingers in your mouth these days... sometimes it's one finger, sometimes it's a whole fist... sometimes it's a fist plus 1 or 2 extra fingers. It's quite impressive. And when you're tired of your own fingers, you grab hold of someone else's and gnaw on them. We wouldn't be surprised if you cut teeth soon. We will rejoice the day that you do, that's for sure. This teething bit, is making you super grumpy. 

You don't enjoy tummy time... still... but, you'll tolerate it for a few minutes before you give up entirely. You'd much rather stand gripping hold of our fingers. Your legs are SO strong. You also are starting to enjoy sitting upright in your bumbo seat, swatting away at toys on your tray. Some of your favorite toys are: Koko the teething monkey, lion rattle, and your sisters' Fisher Price princess dolls. 

This month (right at the end), you met your Opa for the first time... so now, you've officially met ALL of your grandparents. Of course they enjoy loving on you every moment they can... visits are always too short. One thing that your Omi pointed out, is that when you coo... you sound like a little morning dove. Mommy thinks she's spot on with that comment. It's absolutely precious. 

You are so loved, so so loved...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley

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