Monday, February 23, 2015

16 weeks down...

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: This little girl was a bit of a button pusher this week... not sure if it was because we went from 3 weeks of not our normal routine, to routine... or if she's doing it because she knows you'll be home soon... or if it's just her age! Either way, she was full of sass... and I can just picture what it'll be like when she's a teenager already. She was still as helpful as she could be... and we even completed our 100th day of the school year (which feels like a MAJOR accomplishment!) She's busy learning the capitals for the states, along with their state trees, flowers, birds and a little "interesting" fact. She's SO good at geography. She's been coloring up a storm in her meantime. I'm thinking about starting an art wall in her room... It's the best decoration, right?

Marley: Oh this little firecracker, was just that... She is keeping me on my toes. One moment she's tearing apart a roll of toilet paper, and the next (within seconds) is playing in the toilet on the other side of the house, or pulling out all of my laundry on the shelves in my closet, or playing in the garbage can (she can reach in, even after putting it up on the step stool). Even Charlotte can't keep up with her. It's scary to think that in a few months there will be 2 of them running around the house like that, that we have to keep "eyes" on. This week, she's been yapping up a STORM. We might not understand her 85% of the time... but the words are there, and it'll just take a little switch to turn her on, and then all of the words will start making sense. She's SUPER entertaining though...

Finn: This was a BIG week for the little man. He can pretty much sit up by himself without the aid of a bumbo, boppy, or person. I still like to keep a boppy around him, in case if he decides to tumble... just to "lighten" his fall... but he's doing so awesome. He's eating like a champ, and definitely is starting to pack on some of the weight... I can feel it in my arms. He's also loving the jumperoo. He thinks it's hysterical, even when Marley comes to "swing" and jump him. He's getting so big, I can hardly see my "baby" in him anymore. He's growling like a lion, and making crazy amounts of noise all day long. He adds to the loudness in this household.

Me: I feel like this was a rough week for me... having to get back into the "swing" of things, by myself again, after your parents' departure. It was a tease for me. The next time I have help, is when you get back... and boy am I counting the days down. I never thought I'd be SO happy to have someone around to make decisions and depend on. I've been busy this last week trying to finish up some projects, started other projects, and trying to relax at the same time. When it's just me, it's so easy to get overwhelmed... I've been clinging to the Lord for strength... but I need to remind myself daily to do so. Ready for you... my other half... to come back, to make me feel like I'm complete again. In the meantime, we have tons of dance parties and tons of audience shows to make the time pass by... quickly.

Story of the Week: This week, we made our way to Target for something... goodness, I'm sure we head to Target at least once a week for an "outing"... even if I have a list, I still forget something on the list, and have to head back sometime the next week for that item, and then I forget a different item, and then that item gets put on the next week's list. It's this vicious cycle. Anyways. We made our way into the store, and Charlotte said with this intense face/voice, "I need to use the potty." She made her way into the bathroom, and I stayed right outside, with the babies in the huge double car cart. We waited... and we waited.... and Charlotte hadn't come out. At least 5-8 minutes must have gone by, when I finally decided to pop my head in and ask if she was okay. Just before grabbing the door handle to get in, I all of a sudden heard her... she was singing, the opera like vibrato was coming out... you know that part in Sleeping Beauty, in the beginning, when she's singing to the animals? Yup, she was doing that, and was on PERFECT pitch, and was singing at the top of her lungs. I imagine she was "taking care of business"... because usually she's in and out of the restroom. Some other ladies started coming out of the bathroom, and were snickering.. laughing to themselves. I'm sure they were giggling over her "production" in there. One of the ladies even stopped, and told me, "she has a beautiful voice."

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fieldtrip, For The Win

With the return of the cold weather tomorrow, I thought I'd post some photos of one of our last excursions in the warmth a couple weeks ago. We made our way to a nature park. An awesome playground, a yummy picnic lunch, trails to be walked, and snakes to pet. It was a homeschool fieldtrip, for the win.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Right of Passage

When visitors come to town... adventures are to be had. Who would have guessed that the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, could be tons of fun? ... it was. You didn't need to be a John Wayne fan to find this place interesting... around every corner, there was something new and intriguing. There was a lot of beautiful artwork, sculptures, a western village, and even had some fun dress up and experiences for the kids to partake in. We thoroughly enjoyed it... might just need to be a "right of passage" for when others comes to visit.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

15 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: We started this week off with the arrival of your Dad and Mom... and it was such a fantastic week. Your little Char Char bear, hasn't gotten attention like that since my parents were here... and boy was she loving it. She had breakfast dates with Papa "D" and they even went to Build and Grow together, doll playtime with Grammie... and just all around was able to talk off their ears. She adores them, without a doubt. On the day they arrived, she was already asking them what day they were leaving, so she could "prepare" herself, and understand how many days she had with them. She played HARD while they were here. Up bright and early each morning, and didn't always go to bed at our normal time. It's always so tough to keep up a routine when we have visitors... we just wanted to go exploring with them, and not miss a minute with them. She did alright though... each time her behavior seems to get better... a little more mature.

Marley: It didn't take long for your little Marley bird to remember who your parents are... she pretty much went right to them as soon as she saw them. And from that point on, she clung to their sides... especially your father's. It didn't take long until she had him wrapped around her finger. She batted her eye lashes at him, giving him "the eye" and pretty much made him puddle. She's got that way with people... she's the cutest little thing. She's been learning new words. This week she learned, "cup cup" (for cupcake) when Charlotte and Grammie made Valentine's day cupcakes, as well as a handful of others. She's definitely trying to tell you something... but a lot of times it still sounds like jibberish. I'm fairly certain clear sentences are just around the corner for her though. She is FINALLY over that wretched cough that was a result of the flu... it was so terrible, she'd find herself in fits, and then throwing up her breakfast over it... or whatever else she had just eaten. But, it's been a day or two since I last heard her cough, so that's looking up.

Finn: I was curious to see how he'd be around your parents... but Finnster totally loved on your parents... both of them. Though, I'm pretty sure he has heart eyes for your Mama that look a lot like the ones he gives me. He LOVED listening to your Dad... as soon as he'd talk, Finn would look over in his direction. Being held and sung to, definitely kept him occupied. He spent a lot of time outside with us, because it was so beautiful this week... we even had a day, where it was a high of 76! He's been loving stroller rides... just enjoys watching everything, and taking in the views. He's definitely a nature lover. If he's fussy inside... bring him outside, and he immediately calms down. The sweetest sight this week, was seeing him fall asleep in your Mom's arms. It just melted my heart.

Me: Oh this week went by too quickly. It always does when there's visitors... but I really felt like I blinked and they arrived, and then I blinked and they left. It was the sweetest of times... truly love your parents. They loved on me and the littles, and having an extra 2 sets of hands, was awesome. I had a break from holding the babies... and at times, found myself missing them, because I'm SO used to having them in my arms. When we were out exploring, I didn't have to push the stroller, which made my arms feel awkward. A good kind of awkward. It was definitely practice for when you come home... letting go of things, and allowing others to help. It was so wonderful having adults around to interact with daily, and converse with. It just gets me more and more excited to have you home...

Story of the Week: When we were preparing for your parents' arrival... we washed the sheets, and made the bed. Leave it to your daughter, to go ahead and "try" out the bed before they arrive (like a modern day Goldilocks).  I was vacuuming, and saw that she was in the guest room. I asked her what she was doing in the bed, and she said, "I'm making sure their bed is nice and comfy for them. I think I tooted too." And she popped her head under the sheets, and when she came back up, she said, "Yup, I definitely tooted." .... she is SO your daughter.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hurry Home...

We miss celebrating one more holiday with you Daddy...

Happy Valentine's Day... know that you are SO loved and SO treasured.... and missed x a million(and beyond.)

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