Monday, February 02, 2015

13 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: What a helper this one has been this week... seriously, I don't ask her to do much... she just does it (most of the time). It's in her blood to help... for sure. She did a fantastic job during our roadtrip... keeping the babies happy. She gave Marley snacks, or played with toys for Finn. Having her right there in between them, in the truck, was lovely. Even though I really want a larger vehicle, it was definitely easier, because she was "right there". She had so much fun with her friends in Texas... she didn't remember them so well since Korea, but this time (because of her age), I'm sure she will. I'm sure she loved being the oldest there... She definitely took on the role of "the boss"... and well, got in trouble for it as well. When I asked her what her favorite part was, she responded, "Playing with friends everyday, and waking up to friends..."

Marley: Oh this little nugget, was a joy most of the week. Even on our long road trip, she totally surprised me with how well she did, considering she never liked the carseat as a baby. We had some meltdowns, but they were minor... nothing food couldn't cure. She loved listening to music in the truck as we drove, loved when we drove by cows and other animals, and just enjoyed taking in the scenery. She completely surprised me. My friend has a little girl her age, and so they were able to play (well, as best as 1 year olds can play together). I'm pretty certain, she wanted to hug her any chance she could get. She loved having someone around her size. She definitely caught a little bug at the end of our trip, because she threw up right before bed the night before we left... and again and again on the beginning part of our trip home. It made getting home (without a stop overnight) that much more pressing. She's been fine though, ever since. Back to playing... it's what she does best.

Finn: This little boy, has been amazing. He is the BEST road tripper, that I have ever met. He would nurse, have his diaper change, stretch for a few minutes... and then would be content going in his carseat, to have Charlotte play with him. He'd sleep for a few hours, wake up, and repeat. He also has been sleeping through the night... minus last night (because of the flu that he all of a sudden picked up from somewhere). He was such a charmer, and loved on all the ladies we visited in Texas. He's definitely used to women, and not men... Usually whenever a guy smiles at him, or picks him up... he looks at him like a deer in headlights, and immediately cries. You have some charming to do when you get back home, to get him to like you. He's stubborn though, and doesn't want to roll around. He just wants to stand up all the time (holding onto everyone's fingers) or wants to sit up (still with some help, but he can almost do that on his own).

Me: This week was such a wonderful week for me. I not only "got out of the house"... but my adventure seeking part of my heart, got a wonderful fill. To get on the road, and drive, felt amazing. You always drive when we're home...and I'm okay with that... but this time, it was my turn... and I loved every minute, even when the kids were melting down (really only happened the last 2 hours on the long 10.5 hour drive home). To have a friend to chat with... was glorious... but even more so, because she's going through the same trials and tribulations as I am, being that her husband is deployed. We laughed, we drank coffee, and we played... I couldn't have asked for a better time. Coming home was a bit rough, but I think it's because Mars wasn't feeling the greatest, and then Finn all of a sudden tested positive for the flu. So, here's to hoping this upcoming week is filled with tons of rest, and snuggles.

Story of the Week: It was 8:55 am on the morning of the day that we were heading out on our roadtrip to Texas.... I was determined to be on the road, but 9:00... I had the truck totally packed up, had Finn in his car seat, Marley was in hers, lights were off, thermostat was turned down, doors were all locked, and I started yelling at Charlotte to go to the potty before we left. 8:57, I yell at her, and tell her to meet me outside, because I was getting in the truck... and that she needed to hurry up... All of a sudden, out comes Charlotte running with just about every single doll/princess that she owns in her arms... no lie. And as she's running, one drops out of her arms, so she runs back to pick it up, but then another drops out of her arms. I get out of the truck as I'm witnessing this... and ask, "Why do you have all of your dolls in your arms?" ... and she responded, "We can't leave any people behind." It was like she was running from a burning fire with all of her belongings... SO funny, and yet, SO Charlotte. I told her she had to put them all back, and that she could bring one doll along, because we didn't have much room. Do you know which doll she brought along? The life size Jasmine one... you know, the one that's bigger than her... the one that blocked the view in my mirror the whole time I was driving... all because, "We couldn't leave any people behind."

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