Thursday, February 05, 2015

Dear Finn Mostyn { 6 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

We have officially kept you alive for 6 months... you're through the first year of your life, and it's simply incredible, to know that it has gone that fast. 3 of those months, has been without Daddy... so, you sure have lots of catching up to do with Daddy when he comes home. Right now, Mommy is a little nervous how you'll react to him when you see him for the first time. You'll probably cry over his deployment 'stache. Don't worry though, Mommy will be crying with you, until he shaves it off!

This month, you've been busy growing and just developing and learning like crazy. You're taking in everything around you, sitting and playing in your bumbo seat and high chair. But, you still don't want to roll. We are not sure why... but, you just hate it. You'd rather stand with the help of Mommy or your sisters... or sit in laps. You're just not a fan of tummy/back time. You love the exersaucer because of that. You'd much rather play sitting up. Mommy is sure you'll be walking, before you even crawl. You see your sisters running around by you, and are in awe of their movement.

Chewing on your swaddle blankets is your favorite thing to chew on currently. Mommy is pretty sure that teeth are right around the corner... with the way that you're drooling, and the way you gnaw on just about everything.

This month, you got really sick... you tested positive for the flu less than a week ago... and you've been quite the little trooper. The cough part is kicking your tail though... you're up all night, because you just can't seem to find comfort. We've tried everything, sucking the snot out, Vicks on the feet, etc... but right now, your cough just doesn't want to leave. Hopefully soon though, so we can all get some rest. It's sad seeing you sick... we all give you extra attention, and you definitely love it. You're definitely milking this whole "sick" thing, the same way that Daddy does... must be a guy thing.

You took a little break from solid foods the last few days, but... before your sickness, you were eating like a champ. You LOVE sweet potatoes... those seem to be your favorite. You only eat avocados now, mixed with bananas... and you really don't have tastebuds yet, for pears. You are also a fan of butternut squash. You just might be leaning more to the veggie side instead of the fruit side. It's so fun to see how you react to all the new tastes when we introduce them to you. Your facial reactions are priceless. As soon as you're well again, we will pick back up where we left off, and try peas, carrots and apples. You're still nursing like a champ though, and I'm so thankful that we've stuck with it for these 6 months... it has been a comfort to you while you've been sick... and mixed with a little bit of food, it seems to be doing the trick of helping you sleep through the night. Occasionally you have a night where you need a sip at 2 am or so... but for the most part, you're doing great (other than right now because you're sick) with sleeping. SO excited to have those full nights back though... so hurry up and feel better.

We love your smiles, and love the giggles we get everytime we tickle your ribs. That seems to be your tickle spot. You wiggle when we go for your toes, or your neck as well... You are all around, the sweetest and happiest baby. We couldn't ask for more...

You are so loved, so so loved...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley
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