Monday, March 02, 2015

17 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: This was a pretty decent week with Charlotte. We are flying through schoolwork (well passed where we should be) and hopefully will start adding some really FUN elements into homeschooling soon (nature journaling, solar system study, and artist studies). I'm pretty excited about it... this is totally up her alley, and I know she'll dig right in with it. She's getting so big... it's ridiculous. I pulled out some old photos this past week, and she was SO tiny back in the day. I remember when she curled right into my arms... sometimes I miss the days. There were a few times this week where she asked to cuddle... and I dropped everything that I was doing to do just that. Oh how I enjoyed it. The only deal I had to make with her, was that while we cuddled, she had to be quiet. HA! Girl could talk forever if I let her.

Marley: Marley is climbing on everything now. She's pushing chairs over, so she can get up. I went to the bathroom, came out, and found her on the counter, playing with the water from the kitchen sink. The girl is CRAZY... and has absolutely NO fear. Sorry, I'm certain that comes from me. She's still "into" everything... and half the time, while she's awake, I'm putting out fires that she sets (figuratively of course). I love peeking in on her while she's napping (she's napped for 2-3 hours EVERY day this week, and is still sleeping 12-13 hours at night) just to see her quiet, and still. She started to "play" with Finn this week.

Finn: Finn is doing so well with sitting on his own. I can plop him down, in most places, and just let him "play" with toys. Marley started to play with him, as soon as she realized he was on the ground... she's crazy about him. She did try and tackle him twice... and he took it like a champ. It's amazing to see him "light" up whenever either Marley or Charlotte comes to play with him. He just loves it. I play with him as often as I can, but he just loves his sisters. He's still not into rolling, crawling, or anything else. Just sitting and standing (in the exersaucer). He's eating, SO much. He loves avocados and bananas.. or even avocados by themselves. He doesn't even want it pureed anymore. He loves it a little bit lumpy, because he likes to gum the food. He's gotta cut some teeth... he's a drooling mess... and he just wants me to rub his gums as often as I offer to. Towards the end of the week, he started back on his napping schedule, and is nearly sleeping through the night again. He usually sleeps from 8-5, wakes for a quick feeding and diaper change, and then back to sleep until 7 or 8 sometimes. He's napping from 9:30-11:00, and in the afternoon from 2-4 usually. It's nice to have those times again... I missed those breaks from him. He's gotta be growing from all that sleeping, because he's well over 16 lbs according to the scale.

: I knew that as soon as this last month came around, that it would be the LONGEST month... and it certainly is starting out that way. This week took forever to get through. I'm guessing the next few weeks will as well! Tomorrow, you'll officially be gone for 4 months... and we still have some time apart from each other. I'm excited to have you back (not that you didn't know that already). I could use the help with the kids, for sure... but more so, I just miss you. I actually MISS your little annoying habits (like kicking off your socks in bed, and finding them all gathered at the bottom of the bed)... I keep thinking about how it'll feel to have you home... and I know I'll finally breathe a sigh of relief... like I've been holding my breath this whole time. I'm taking a bit of a break from sewing and all things crafty for the next few weeks... just to focus on some big things: recording a video "talk" for my old MOPS group, starting some seeds for the garden, purging (aka spring cleaning) and organizing, taking photaking photos for a sweet couple for their engagement and another couple of their wedding, and just being "present" for the kids. I want to take these last few weeks that you're gone, and focus on prepping them (and their hearts) for your return.

Story of the Week: We were SO excited to see you on Friday via teleconference to celebrate YOU! Congratulations on your promotion... we really couldn't be more proud. It feels like we were waiting for that day, for forever. You're an incredible leader, and we're so excited to see you keep growing in this area. Your little girl, Charlotte... was SO proud of you, that while we were at the bakery picking up your cake, she told the lady behind the counter, that the cake was for her Dad... "He's doing such a good job at work, that we are celebrating him. He is taking care of the bad guys, so that YOU can be safe. (big time emphasis on the YOU) Did you make a good cake? Because I really like chocolate, and I hope there's chocolate in there." She is so thankful for all your hard work, and proud of how you provide for the family... and serve this country. I'm not sure if you heard her through the video feed, but did you catch her say (while we were finishing up our chat with you), "Um, Daddy are we done here, because I really want to eat some cake?" She so loves you... but she loves her cake as well.

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  1. Great pictures and sweet updates! That is pretty funny that Mars is making sure Finn toughens up by tackling him. On the home stretch now, you've got this!