Tuesday, March 10, 2015

18 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: This week, I felt like with the beginning of the week being cold and snowy, and then rainy... we started to have some serious cabin fever... but it ended with the weather becoming beautiful. Staying inside is rough on our little ones... they are definitely adventure seekers, especially our little Charlotte. She was a mess this week, without being able to get her energy out. Gymnastics was cancelled (because of impending weather... it didn't even get bad on the roads until late afternoon... but oh well!) and that just put her in a funk in the middle of the week... but, overall, although her attitude at times was rough, her behavior and heart were in the right place most of the week. Continually wants to be my little helper, without me even asking for help. School was a bit rough to get through with her... it just felt like she had ants in her pants most of the time, and couldn't concentrate. We pressed, and she's doing awesome... but she definitely rushes these days to get it done, so she can play again.

Marley: Cabin fever struck Marley as well this week... she brought me her shoes on more than one occasion, and said, "go outtide"... anytime I went out to take out the garbage, she'd want to follow me... and then would say, "brrrrr co outtide." She's talking up a storm, and I definitely am starting to pick up on tons of words. It exploded all of a sudden... she gets so excited, that she talks REALLY fast, and most of the time I have to listen really carefully, otherwise I miss out on what she's trying to tell me. It's precious... absolutely precious. She's still climbing up on things. She finally figured out where my chocolate stash is... she's figured out where I hide the raisin boxes (the girl could eat them all day everyday, if I let her)... it's time to find new hiding places for those things. This was the week, where she started crossing her arms, and pouting and walking away when I said the word, "no." to her.... hmm, pretty sure she learned that one from Charlotte. When she does it, she looks SO much older than she is... it actually makes me laugh... and if I laugh, it upsets her even more.

Finn: This little boy who likes to drive in the truck, didn't get out nearly as much as we usually do this week... so he was definitely a little out of his element. BUT, he did start to get back into a napping routine, and sleeping most of the night through again... so I can't complain about that. The only tough thing about this week, is that his, "don't walk away from me" behavior, where he blacks out crying if I do so... is still sticking around. We're going strong... on nearly week 3 of this behavior. He needs me near him at all times. If I'm cooking dinner, he has to be sitting on the bumbo seat right next to me on the counter where I'm prepping the food... if I have to go to the bathroom, he has to come along. If I am putting Marley to sleep, I'm holding Finn with one arm as well (it's kind of an amazing arm workout... but it's rough). If he's not sleeping, he needs me near... I still remember when Marley went through this stage... I think it turned into her crawling, because then she'd come to find me. I guess we'll see what he does.

Me: This week, was a pretty rough week... it was a BUSY week. The weather kept me from being productive... but I tried to make the most of it. I learned how to crochet... which was awesome (another craft to take up my time)....and I took pictures for an engaged couple... which was a lot of fun.... being able to snap away at something other than my kids... awesome. It gets me really excited to have you home, so that I can hopefully have a little more "me" time. The kids were super clingy... which made it rough at times (especially when I wanted to be productive). You're coming home so soon, and I have all these projects that I want to get done. I keep telling myself that it's okay if they don't get done... after all, I've managed to keep us all alive this far.

Story of the Week: So, Marley isn't really potty training... but there are times where she pats her diaper, and says, "poo poo" or what not... and so we usually go to the froggy potty in the living room, and I help her get her diaper off, and she tries to go potty. She has not once made anything in the potty... but she thinks it's fun to try. Well, this week, she was complaining to me... came right up to me, and continually said, "poo poo" and patted herself over and over and began whining. I was in the middle of schooling Charlotte, and I didn't want to take her to the froggy potty and help her, only to have to put her diaper and what not on all over again, for nothing. Well she kept on whining and complaining. So I took her to the froggy potty, undid her diaper, and she sat down, and sure enough, out came a poop. I got SO excited... that I let out a big "HOORAH" and Charlotte came rushing over screaming out of excitement for her. "YOU MADE A POO POO MARLEY", said Charlotte... "Can I see it?" says Charlotte... "uhhhh (like she was thinking really hard)..... no... go away Char Char!" says Marley... she said it so clearly and so perfectly... and so sternly... apparently, her business, is her business.

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