Monday, March 16, 2015

19 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: Our little girl was a bundle of energy (I guess, when is she not a bundle of energy?) this week. The weather has been so beautiful... and I'm pretty certain she's starting to feel "summer" on her fingertips... because doing schoolwork is not on her mind whatsoever. I always tell her to get it done in the morning, so she can play for the rest of the day... but she fights me. It's getting done... but man, even I can feel "summer" already. I need a break from schooling her. A bit of a recharge. She helped me plant this week, and she's in charge of those little container gardens. It's so sweet watching her go outside and see if they need water. She's a lot more interested in it, then the gardens in the backyard. She is trying out all new flips on the trampoline, and is nailing each and every one of them. She's even starting to attempt to try and flip on the ground... it's entertaining to watch. I'd give her another year, and she just might have it. She's SO excited to see you... when I tell her the end is near (I'm keeping dates secret with even her)... she tries to hide her smile... but she ends up letting out a huge one.

Marley: Our littlest girl was also a bundle of energy this week... but even more so, a talking firecracker. Somehow, it feels like a switch just turned on, and she's becoming way easier to understand. She's hilarious... I love listening to her. I can hear her chatting to her dolls, arguing and tattling on Charlotte, and trying to reason almost at times. She seems SO much older because of it. She started to get into coloring this week. I purchased a $1.00 coloring book at Target, and when I gifted it to her, it was like I handed her gold... she smiled from ear to ear. She understands that she can only use her crayons in it, and not anywhere else... her and Charlotte color together, and "talk" about the pictures... it's precious to watch.

Finn: This little guy had a bunch of energy this week too... he jumped A LOT in his jumper... and when he wasn't jumping, he was kicking and rolling around like crazy. This boy, is starting to really cry, when I step away... full on meltdown. I have to be in his line of sight, in order to accomplish things. Even when I have to go potty, he has to come with me. He's ridiculous. I SO remember this phase with Marley, and it wasn't a really fun phase AT ALL. He started eating yogurt this week, and it's a breakfast game changer... avocado and bananas moved over to lunch... yogurt took over for breakfast. I'm transitioning him into his crib, so when you come back, you have a spot in the bed... so far, it's not the greatest... but we're going to make it happen.

Me: Me... I didn't have a bundle of energy like the kids did... in fact, I feel like they stole all my energy. This week, I had SO much to get done, but just sat on a lot of it... I did get some done, but not as much as I had hoped. The end is so near, I can smell it. It makes these last few weeks, soooo tough. I'm thankful that I've pretty much booked myself full of things to do each day, to make the time go by quickly. I had projects I wanted to get done before your return, and I've decided to toss a majority of them out the window. The main thing is that I don't stress out... I'm already beyond exhausted.

Story of the Week: We made "welcome home" banners for you... and Charlotte was so proud of the one she created for you. She put a lot of effort into it. On it, is a picture of you, and I asked her where your mustache is (seriously, it's the creepiest deployed stache that I have EVER seen)... and she said, "NO, we have to leave that off, he's MUCH more handsome without it."... and there you have it, another reason to shave that thing before you head home...

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