Wednesday, March 18, 2015


You know that feeling ... that butterfly feeling... that feeling that we get when we are excited about something... or someone. I've got that feeling...

"Is the house clean enough for his return?"

"Did I organize/purge enough to make it look okay?"

"Is the truck clean enough... or do I need to vacuum out all the Kale Puffs one more time?"

"Do I get my haircut and hair dyed so I don't look so run down?"

"Ugh, I'm going to have to start showering most days again... how do I train myself to do that?"

"Time to start shaving the legs again... "

"He only sees me in pajamas on skype... clearly, I need to step up my game and find something that fits for his homecoming."

"Will he still think I've got it going on after being apart for almost 5 months?"

I'm pretty certain that all of these thoughts have been flooding my mind the last few days... why do I let them? Silly insecurities... and so I try and turn everything around...

"I'm sure the house will be cleaner than it did the day that he left."

"The house is just as unorganized as it was the day he left, and once he's home, I should have time to get to that pile... or that pile... or that pile..."

"Leave the Kale Puffs scattered in the truck... they make for excellent quick snacks, when you forgot to pack something else for the kids."

"It's time for a haircut, whether he was home coming home or not..."

"With the warmer weather approaching, you'll have to shower more frequently anyways... and shave your legs."

"It's time I treated myself to some article of clothing, just to celebrate that some of that post partum weight is coming off."

"He'll be proud that I kept the kids alive for this long... who cares if you've got it going on or not!"

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