Saturday, March 14, 2015

Container Gardens

I decided this year to start a few container gardens on my front porch, on top of having my garden in the backyard. The idea is to do all my cold weather crops on my front porch, so that once they're done in the early summer, I can plant some flowers in them. I created simple multi-purpose pots, by purchasing plastic terra cotta ones (different sizes) and spray painted them with a yellow to match my front bench (they'll be on the other side of the porch... to balance out that bright color) and well, because it's my favorite color of course. Charlotte helped me plant, and she'll be in charge of the plants, especially the watering... HOPING this will get her excited about the garden in the back for this summer. It'll be her project, that'll help kick start her nature watercolor journal... at the very least.

Now, how to keep Marley from digging up all of my seeds...

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