Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Little Spoons

There's nothing like dressing your little ones in precious handmade clothes... and Hilary, the maker behind The Little Spoons, makes some seriously precious handmade clothes. Her second drop for her Spring/Summer 2015 line came out a little bit ago... but she's having a sale right now... so head on over to her shop. Use coupon code SPRING20 to get 20% off everything in her shop right now, until Saturday night. Seriously... everyone needs a pair of bug shorts.

and of course, it's not fun, unless I post some outtakes too...

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Their King

The requested some "dress up" for Finn... and so I obliged, naturally.

The "people" really love their King... Dress up approved.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

75% Done

It's safe to say... that we are about 75% with that "honey-do" list project... and the last 25% of the project, is all FUN stuff to finish and add... but for now, here's where we're at...

The hubby slaved away and built the girls and Finn an awesome teepee (one more is on it's way, but a smaller version). Those power tools... he just amaze me. All the flowers/grasses are planted, and the whole area is mulched. I purchased some extra strawberry plants for Charlotte to tend to. She loves seeing the ripe ones come up. All in all, it's been such a sweet space. Still on our list of things to do: paint teepees, lay stone path from one teepee to the other, create a "sign" for the teepee, create wind chime lanterns, make some bird houses to hang from the trees, bring in more huge stones that we found along along the way, and of course relish in the sight of the kids having fun in the space.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Honey-Do List

When hubby's are gone for awhile... projects typically add up on a list. I tried hard... soooo hard to not have a HUGE list for him for when he returned. Who likes lists anyways? I did as much as I could while he was gone, so things didn't add up... and if I couldn't do them, I hired someone to do them for me.

There's this one place in the backyard, that has been an eyesore for SO long... I've wanted to transform it into a garden/children's play area for quite some time. The growth in this area, was out of control, dead trees needed to come down, and dirt needed to be shuffled around. Instead of writing it on a "honey-do" list, I decided to surprise my honey, with a "clean slate"... hired someone to do a bunch of the big jobs that the spot required... stuff that required a bobcat.

I created a little "plan"... and this became his honey-do list for when he returned. After weeks and weeks of planting, mulching, and creating... we FINALLY have gotten rid of the giant eye sore, and replaced it with what he says is, "the largest flower bed in the history of ever." He did SO well... we are SO grateful for him.

Stay tuned for more of the reveal tomorrow...
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Art and Science

It has been just a little over a month since Charlotte planted her garden containers... and I am happy to report, that we have plants! They sprouted quickly... within days really... but the growth is taking a little longer than I anticipated. They say it's 60-75 days from start to harvest... so we'll see if that holds true (for the lettuce/kale)... I'd say the beets, carrots and spinach are definitely headed on that harvest path.

Charlotte has been watering her plants, as needed... and documenting the growth process in her nature journal. It's been so fun to see how excited she gets (especially when the little green starting springing up in the soil.) Nature journaling has been our way of celebrating the changes she's been seeing. She loves art... so combining science and art, is HUGE.... it's the perfect learning tool for this little one. It doesn't require a lot of detail, but rather a quick, comprehensive summary. It's portable, and can be taken on outings to the park, playground, zoo, etc. Sometimes it's tough putting aside additional time for it... but we are trying, at least once a week right now. It's not only a learning tool, but it's time spent together, while the babies are napping... and she loves that one on one time.

And while she's at it, I tend to my own little seedlings... it's nearly time to plant them in the garden... it's the time of the year, that excites me so much. 

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