Sunday, April 05, 2015

Dear Finn Mostyn { 8 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

Wow, another 1/3 of your first year is through...crazy to think that we are onto the last third before you turn 1. What a month it has been with you sweet boy of ours...

First things first... you cut your two bottom teeth. You were drooling for what seemed liked weeks/months... and then BOOM, there they were. We are pretty sure you're working on some more... because you're so cranky lately... the telltale sign that teeth are right around the corner. You LOVE gnawing on food on your new teeth too. You are starting to want more "chunks" of food, instead of purees. These teeth though, your two on the bottom, make you look quite a bit older. It's cute... especially when you smile.

Back to food... you are still the champ of sweet potatoes... but now you usually like a meat along with it. Whether it's chicken or turkey... you'll take either as long as it's mixed with sweet potatoes. You also love butternut squash, peas, and most fruit. As far as raw veggies/fruit. You love to gnaw on a carrot stick or cucumber ring. You also enjoy a cold apple slice and mushed up blueberries. One other thing we started with you this month... was yogurt. You really like yogurt. Plain, whole milk yogurt. Sometimes Mommy mashes some avocado in it, other times a little banana... it's definitely a win, and a breakfast changer.

You are sitting up like a champ. Occasionally, you fall over... you either cry hysterically because you're startled, or you start rolling over. We can pretty much plop you down in most places, and you don't mind, as long as someone is nearby. You started butt scooting yesterday. We noticed, because we plopped you down in one spot, and 2 minutes later when we checked on you (you were playing with your big sister Charlotte), you were a few butt scoots away from where you started. Now we have to start paying attention to you, and keep an eye on you. We are probably days away from you scooting. You bypassed crawling, and went straight to scooting. If we help you, you like to stand up by the table or ottoman. Pretty sure you like it because you can see more going on around you. You look like you just want to join in with your sisters most of the time. 

The most exciting thing that happened this month... was you were reacquainted with your Daddy this month. It was SO fascinating to see your reaction to him, when you first saw him. You weren't too thrilled, but you definitely warmed up to him after a little bit of time. A couple of days/weeks before he came home, Mommy started throwing you in the air and flipping you around in the bed to toughen you up, so you wouldn't mind when Daddy came home and did it. Let's just say... you weren't a fan of it. Now you actually smile and giggle while being rough housed... and you don't mind it one bit. You also love being on his shoulders. It's just fun watching two boys bond in the house... I think you definitely needed it. You light up whenever you see him now.

We are still getting you used to your crib... but you're doing SO much better than you were. You sleep in it, MOST of the night... pretty sure that a full night's sleep is right around the corner... especially once you become mobile... we think you need to get rid of that energy, in order to get that full rest. Developmental leaps are tough, and you've certainly hit a lot of milestones this month... now it's time to rest up big boy.

You are so loved, so so loved...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley
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  1. Little man is getting a look big! Love it! Way to go with the butt scoot!

  2. So cute! He is growing up so fast!