Monday, April 27, 2015

Honey-Do List

When hubby's are gone for awhile... projects typically add up on a list. I tried hard... soooo hard to not have a HUGE list for him for when he returned. Who likes lists anyways? I did as much as I could while he was gone, so things didn't add up... and if I couldn't do them, I hired someone to do them for me.

There's this one place in the backyard, that has been an eyesore for SO long... I've wanted to transform it into a garden/children's play area for quite some time. The growth in this area, was out of control, dead trees needed to come down, and dirt needed to be shuffled around. Instead of writing it on a "honey-do" list, I decided to surprise my honey, with a "clean slate"... hired someone to do a bunch of the big jobs that the spot required... stuff that required a bobcat.

I created a little "plan"... and this became his honey-do list for when he returned. After weeks and weeks of planting, mulching, and creating... we FINALLY have gotten rid of the giant eye sore, and replaced it with what he says is, "the largest flower bed in the history of ever." He did SO well... we are SO grateful for him.

Stay tuned for more of the reveal tomorrow...
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