Monday, April 06, 2015

Just... breathe.

The love of my life has been home for a little over 2 weeks now... and life couldn't be sweeter. I mean, don't get me wrong... lots of readjusting and relearning is going on over here, but it feels SO good.

Daddy is back on our "clock" with the timezone changes. He has been tackling all the projects that I had lined up for him upon his return (more to come on those in future posts). He's getting used to life with "noise" again... lots and lots of noise.

Charlotte is back to pushing buttons and testing her boundaries once again. Asking both of us for things, and pitting us against each other if one of us says, "no.".... but she LOVES having him home. Finally, she has her cuddle partner back, and bedtime is SO much easier.

Marley was a little hesitant about him when he returned. His deployed mustache didn't help his case... but thankfully he took care of that minutes after he was home. The very first thing Mars did was inspect his bags... and then she quickly warmed up to him. Tickles definitely helped ease her in... She's also getting reacquainted with the rough housing... apparently there was a lack of that while he was gone.

Finn... oh this little man, has done awesome with the adjustment. He warmed right up to Daddy (maybe not the first 15 minutes, but definitely after the first 24 hours). He welcomes being picked up by him now... and is easily comforted by him, and not just Mommy all the time. He was introduced to the rough housing, and has been taking it on like a champ. He loves it... especially being flown like a plane.

And then there's me... and I can't even begin to write down all the wonderful feelings that I have for my man being home. It was the most glorious of reunions (you can see some AWESOME photos that a dear friend, Michelle, of Magnolia Adams Photography, captured for us here)... and I feel like after nearly 5 months of separation... like I can breathe again... and so I will do just that... breathe.

Don't mind all my iPhone photos... I haven't picked up my camera all too much recently.
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  1. So very happy for you all! Great shot of Charlotte inspecting the trimming! Awesome shot of Mars inspecting the suitcase. And nothing beats that last shot of you all together again!!!