Friday, May 29, 2015

Beauty of Simplicity

Lots of purging, dumping and organizing has been happening around here. It's a little late in the season to call it spring cleaning... but, it's hopefully the start of keeping it simple around here. When there are tornado threats daily (at times), and flash flood warnings daily (at times), it's amazing how quickly you throw together a bag filled with the important stuff (important paperwork/documents, camera, external hard drive, etc.), grab the kids, and head to the storm shelter. The older I get, the less attached I've become to "things". It's amazing how unimportant it all is in the scheme of things... trust me, it used to not be so easy. As I've been packing boxes (for the garage sale that we've been having today and tomorrow), Charlotte has been so devastated as to why I'm "getting rid of things"... and I've been trying to explain to her the beauty of simplicity...and that we shouldn't place so much emphasis on "things". Today, near the end of the garage sale, she started pulling out some of her own toys to sell. Wow. It made me stop in my tracks to hear her get excited about certain belongings as she showed them off to any/all who would listen...

On another note... a little furry four legged beast has made it's way to our house... it's a tiny little guy... and the girls (okay, and us) are totally smitten with it. I should say, all but Runyan. It's been hanging out with us all while prepping for the garage sale, and during the sale. I never knew I'd meet a little one who would match Runyan in the "sweet department". Seriously, this cat has a darling disposition. So, we are on a trial run to see if we can make this work with him... he's pretty irresistible.

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