Saturday, June 13, 2015

Beautiful Routine

We are starting to form a beautiful summer routine... We wake, we eat breakfast, and we head out for some play before the sun gets too hot. Charlotte is in charge of watering the potted blooms, and gives extra water to the ones that are "just planted" in the flower beds. I love hearing her say, "Oh, another one just blossomed." or "I have to pick this one off, because it's dead, and the other ones need the water instead of this one." She is truly learning how to care for the plants... and it's awesome seeing her enjoy it at the same time. Marley on the other hand, is in the "lets pick all these flowers because it's fun" phase. Dead or alive, she always brings a beautiful arrangement to me. Ever since Finn started to crawl, all he does is follow. I hide, and he finds me... he has super Mama radar. If I plant myself in one place near him, THEN he'll sit and play with his sisters... otherwise, he's looking for me.

It's not quite summer, but it's the perfect way to lead us into the new season. Next up, we need to create a summer bucket list...

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  1. And I melt over those cute shots. What a fun routine! Great outfits too! Happy to hear C is still enjoying the gardening!

  2. Charlotte has wellies from Joules! They are based in the town I live in - Market Harborough. How lovely!

  3. Finn looks so different with that hat on... but cute as ever!!