Monday, June 01, 2015

Mighty Great

Oh 33... here you are. I can't believe I'm 33. Last year, I think I said it well.... I said,

 "... my birthday, since becoming a Mom 3 years ago, is really NOT about ME anymore. And not only is it NOT about ME... but, I'm okay with that. There's this part of me that gives and gives and gives each and everyday to my girls (and soon to be boy) every single day, that it's actually extremely tough to make a day about myself..."

This morning at 4, Finn woke up to nurse a little, fell back asleep, and then was up choking on his vomit at 5 am... he stayed awake, and threw up a few more times in the morning. Last year it was Marley who kept me company on the porch in the morning, watching the sunrise while drinking my coffee and doing my devotional...this year, it was Finn. Again, God gave me the most beautiful sunrise... and such a quiet morning. Finn cuddled me, as I sat and drank my coffee and read my devotional. My devotional was on contentment... and I had this overwhelming sense of peace as I read. "Contentment comes from having the priority of godliness, not gain, and the perspective of the eternal, not the temporal." What a wonderful read it was... and a perfect feeling, entering into my 33rd year in this world.

We had a quiet morning and early afternoon, trying to get Finn to feel better... and catch up on some much needed chores around the house. And then once the littles woke from their naps, we made our way into the city to grab some plants from The Plant Stand. We picked up some perennials as well as some plants for the garden (give this girl a plant, and she's the happiest). We made our way to a yummy Mexican dinner, and then ended our evening with cupcakes. 33 is looking mighty great...

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