Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Other Kids

We spent the whole weekend outside... in the flowers beds, gardening, and of course the hubby was woodworking. It was a much needed time, pulling weeds, cleaning up flowers, and tending to our sweet little plants. They require just as much attention as the kids, it's amazing... I was a little late at planting our peas and beans this year, but they're growing nonetheless and we'll just expect a later harvest this year. Our tomato plants seem to be struggling somewhat in the "growing" department... so tonight, I'm going to give them some extra love... I'm going to tuck them into bed with extra fertilizer and epsom salt... and see if that does the trick. My flowers are taking off, and I have high hopes this Fall to do some "cutting and rooting" with clippings from some of my favorite perennials (butterfly bushes mostly). My herbs... they never disappoint... It'll be time to make some batches of pesto in a few weeks. I'm trying to gather ideas on what to do with all that sage. Summer really has only just begun... so many more weeks left of tending to these sweet little babies.

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  1. With our sage we make fresh stuffing to eat with roast chicken or turkey or pork.
    Simmer an onion in milk until soft. Then allow to cool.
    Make large bread crumbs from slightly stale bread, chop up your herbs, whisk an egg.
    Chop the soft onion into pieces and then mix all ingredients together including half the milk (use the other half for bread sauce!).
    Bake in the oven in a greased dish until cooked.