Sunday, July 05, 2015

Dear Finn Mostyn { 11 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

We are just 1 month away from your first birthday... and we are in denial with how fast this all happened. This last month has been filled with so much change, it's crazy... you're quite a little quirky boy... and we wouldn't have it any other way. We love seeing your personality come out more and more each day that passes.

You laugh at SO much now. You love peek-a-boo... in fact, before we even say "boo", you say it for us. You say "Bahhh." It's the cutest.

You laugh when you're playing cars, and when your sisters are singing, screaming at eachother, or playing beside you. You are super ticklish... and laugh even if we're not intentionally trying to tickle you (like when we're cleaning in your neck rolls with a wipe to get all the dirt out). You laugh when the cats are running around chasing each other... pretty much when anyone laughs, you laugh along.

Last month, after your 10 month birthday, we moved you into your very own room. There were only 2 nights that you didn't sleep through the night, otherwise, you'll fully sleeping through the night... and we couldn't be more happy about that. In fact, we're wondering why we didn't make that change sooner. You're still napping like a champ as well... two times a day (each one 2 hours typically). You've finally figured out how glorious sleep feels. Those two nights that you didn't sleep through the night, were nights when you were teething. You finally popped out both top front teeth, and working on another 2 that are on the sides of them. EVERYTHING goes in your mouth, including your cars... which are some of your favorite toys to play with. You just really like wheels and things that go round and round.... SO different from your sisters.

You are really beginning to understand words... especially "no." You frown or cry whenever we say it. You're very sensitive to it. You don't like to be told you can't do something... not at all. You really are starting to have a mind all of your own, and you're beginning to see how you can voice it... especially when you do this ear piercing shriek. Everyone in the house shudders when you do that.

You are eating everything and anything still. We don't have to cook special for you... everything we eat, you eat along with us. You don't like much cut up anymore, because you really like being able to take a bite out of things, like a slice of watermelon. You love watermelon.

You started pulling yourself up and standing on your own this month... and then just 2 days after you figured that out, you started walking along furniture. Pretty sure it won't be too long until you start toddling around all on your own. Curious as to whether you'll do it before your first birthday, or after... just a few weeks and we will know... Let these next few weeks linger... don't want to rush it too quickly.

You have totally stolen our hearts sweet boy...

You are so loved, so so loved...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley

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  1. Happy 11 months, Finn! So happy to hear you laugh a lot and are into wheels! Awesome progress on the teeth, sleeping, and pulling yourself up! Great shots, momma!