Monday, July 06, 2015

Simple Yet Memorable

Holidays look so different when you have little ones. It's on "us" to get our kids excited to celebrate, no matter what holiday it is. There's an importance in celebrating, so we can't skip out on any of them... Now, that doesn't mean we go over the top celebrating... we like to keep things simple. But simple can be so sweet... and memorable. This 4th of July, was just that...

We decided since all of America has a barbecue (or goes to one), on the 4th of July... we'd try something different. We made our way to Whole Foods close to dinner time... and each person was able to pick out what they wanted to eat for dinner (with the exception of Finn... he'll get his chance next year). Charlotte picked out pepperoni pizza, pickles, feta cheese and a slice of chocolate cake. Marley picked out pizza, pickles and chocolate cake. We then took our dinners, and made our way to a nearby lake for a picnic, stroll, and playground playing. We saw fireworks on our way home... and we all quickly made our way into our beds by 10:30 that night. We were so tuckered out, that Sunday was spent mostly in our jammies... 

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  1. I melt over so many of these (three of them especially)! Great light and what an awesome way to celebrate!