Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Dear Finn Mostyn { 12 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

To think that you are a year old, blows our minds... 1 whole year. wow. You have captivated each and every one of our hearts in different ways, and we couldn't even imagine life without you.

There has been SO much change with you within this last month, it's unreal. You're scooting around furniture, standing up on your own, and even took a few steps on your own 2 days ago. You started pointing and "bossing" us around, say "Mama" "Dada" "kitty" "yay" and "down". There are a couple other words that you throw around, but we are still trying to figure out what they mean. You also started clapping this month, and you blow kisses (with the backside of your hand)... Mommy really likes it when you blow kisses. You love to swing, you love to dance, and you love to be sung to.

Your sisters are your buddies... your best buddies... and you look to them for so much help these days. They are taking you right under their wings and showing you how everything works... and makes our hearts so happy to see. They are such great big sisters. You especially love receiving hugs from them, and kisses from them for bedtime.

You love dancing with Mommy. She swings you around during a dance party, and you think it's the best... or at least your smiles/giggles say it all. She knows all your tickle spots.... and can get the gut laugh out of you pretty frequently.

You love being thrown up in the air by Daddy... rough housing is of course your thing with him. When he comes home from work, your eyes light up, and you want to be held from him a bit. You look just like your Daddy... a total little "mini me".

You are 23 lbs.... and just a few inches shy of being the same height as your sister Marley. You feel completely "solid" to us when we hold you... Your hair is starting to thicken up, but is still coming in blonde, and your eyes are this beautiful blue/green color. You have 6 teeth... with more buds showing. And your ears... oh those ears... you'll probably hate how much they stick out when you're older. They are too precious.

You are our boy... our one and only boy... and you have brought a whole new dynamic to this family. They say boys are "noise with dirt on it"... and that is COMPLETELY true with you. You are a noise machine... and are obsessed with anything that has wheels. You spin the wheels around over and over. You love to play in your sisters' room... but throw all their dolls around. You pull everything out of their baskets, and it looks like a tornado went through when you're done in there. But you also have the sweetest, most sensitive side... you don't want anyone to be upset at you. You have a way of looking up at Mommy, and melting her heart... into a million and one pieces...

You are our joy...

You are so loved, so so loved...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, and Marley

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  1. These pictures are so PRECIOUS!!! That first shot looks like a lot of Mars to me! Happy Birthday Finn! Sweet job on the blog progression, momma!