Thursday, August 06, 2015

Smash A Little Cake

A 1st birthday isn't complete without a little cake smashing... and Finn did so well. He's definitely a fan of vanilla, but not so much chocolate. As soon as he was done, he pointed down, and said what sounded like, "duuun". I don't think he's eaten something so quickly, as he did his first cupcake.

We had one of those days... where the cupcakes were supposed to be secure on my middle console, and they slid off, and fell on top of one another (so they didn't really look so pretty), cranky kids that didn't have great naps, balloons that started to fly away (thankfully the tree captured them, and Uncle Joey was able to rescue them).... but all in all, seeing Finn's face as we sang to him, was priceless.
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  1. Great shots!!! He sure is handsome! Well done getting covered in cupcake, big man! That's how it's done!

  2. Such a beautiful shoot! Happy Birthday Finn!

  3. wonderful photography of small child, he is looking cute and lovable.