Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dear Charlotte Wray { 8 years old }

Dear Charlotte Wray,

8... 8 is great.... can't believe you're 8 already! Slow down a little... won't you?

Every birthday that passes, you turn more and more into a young lady. We knew it was inevitable... but seriously, it's happened way faster than we'd like. This year was filled with tons of laughter and giggles, as well as LOTS of growing (for all of us) in the patience department.

You changed your favorite color about as often as you changed your underwear... but right now, the current favorite, is HOT PINK. Your favorite meal is still spaghetti and meat sauce. You LOVE chocolate (still)... but are beginning to order cookie dough ice cream when we go out, instead of chocolate. Each time that happens, we are a little shocked because of how much of a chocolate lover you are. You love to work out... gymnastics is still your thing. You love to watch Crossfit videos with Daddy, and hangout in his gym with him whenever you can. You also love to bake with Mommy... chocolate chip banana muffins are still your specialty. You don't even need a recipe in order to bake them.

You're in second grade now... and reading a lot. You're in the middle of "The Magic Treehouse" series... and get excited to start each new book. You like to learn interesting/weird facts... and love sharing all that new information with whomever will listen. You love to get done with school as soon as you can, so you can get right to playing. Your imagination is still such a huge part of who you are. The places you explore in your mind... limitless.

You, Charlie... still sing... a lot. You don't need a reason to sing, and can do it all day long. Along with singing, comes dancing... and you don't a reason to dance either. You'll break out in dance even if there's a long line at the grocery store... it's your way of entertaining everyone while they wait. You have a way of doing that... entertaining others. It's your gift, and your joy.

You are such a vital part of our family. We are so thankful to "the sweet Ukrainian lady" (what you call your biological mother)... who carried you and brought you into this world. For life without you, would be so boring... you are such a colorful little spirit. God is SO good in bringing you to us.

We love you sweet Charlotte,

Daddy, Mommy, Marley and Finn

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