Saturday, September 12, 2015

For "R"... Love, Charlotte

Charlotte has had the sweetest of pen pals for quite some time now... and she wanted to send her little pal something "handmade". Of course, I obliged and pulled out all things crafty. Really, the kids have free reign in my office/craft area. They just don't like to venture away from paper and markers. We had a couple wooden letters left over from a different project. It was perfect, because it was the letter of her pen pal's first name, "R". She chimed in that she wanted to draw on it, and Marley chimed in that it should be painted. I reached up on my shelf for my ginormous jar filled with washi tape, and as I pulled it down, the kids were just in "awe" that I was allowing them to craft with my beloved tape. I told them to pick out 4 different ones that they wanted to use. The kept pulling one out, and another, and another, and then replacing another with one that had already been pulled out. I think this occupied them for 15 minutes... could have been longer if I didn't hurry them up.

The girls then got started tearing off pieces of tape, and immediately stuck it on the wooden letter. I had them overlap some of the tape, to add a different look. The worked on the front and the back, not leaving one millimeter of wood uncovered.

Once the tape was exactly where they wanted it, we used some Mod Podge (picked up a tiny bottle from the Dollar Spot at Target awhile ago) and they took turns painting on the clear protective, sealing paint.

Once it dried, we hung some yarn around it...

Super simple and totally one-of-a-kind. It's just the right "handmade" item to send off to her dear penpal to hang on a doorknob, from a dresser, a hook on a wall, or even on her door to her room.
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  1. That is so precious! Definitely a wonderful gift to show you care! Seeing the two of them work together on getting it perfect melts me.

  2. That is so cute! What a wonderful craft idea for small kids.

  3. That is the most adorablest thing ever.