Monday, October 12, 2015

Colorful Colorado 2 { Day 2 }

At the end of Day 1, we were greeted by my hubby's sister, Aunt Courtney. She's been making her way across America, on what I'm calling, her "Walter Mitty Walkabout" (you can read more about her story, and why she's off to see the country on her blog if you're interested.) She was nearing the end of her time in Denver, and joined us in Colorado Springs for the week. We are SO thankful for her, and that her journey brought her to us.

Every morning, we were greeted with this beautiful view... pretty sure I spent the entire first day, staring out at the mountains...

We made our way out to explore for a bit... We started off the morning with some time at a playground not too far away from our hotel. It was called, "America the Beautiful" park. Courtney and I joked around that the playground would more than likely be covered from head to toe in American flags... but as we pulled up to this GINORMOUS playground, and were not greeted by any flags whatsoever. The kids got to burn some energy... before we started getting hungry for lunch. We didn't have a ton of time before my hubby had to go for his first eye appointment, but we made our way to Manitou Springs (totally didn't take any pictures... just was taking it all in). There, we drove around, parked, walked around, and ended up eating some yummy pizza for lunch. It was definitely "our kind" of town. Super quaint and picturesque. We didn't have a whole lot of time to check out the shops, but that was probably better for both our wallets and kids.

After the hubby's eye appointment, we made our way to a little scenic overlook, where we spent the rest of the afternoon watching the cadets from the Air Force Academy fly gliders/planes. It was definitely Finn's absolute favorite time of the day. It's amazing how WELL this kid can see. He could spot them way before anyone else could. He would get so giddy, anytime he heard them fly overhead. Marley spent that time collecting rocks and other various items... and Charlotte put on a performance underneath the huge A-10 plane on display. I love how very different they all are...

Most afternoons we eased into our evenings, by enjoying the freshly popped popcorn that the hotel had to offer... and it had to be documented... because we enjoyed it SO much each day. I might be going into popcorn withdrawl since being back in Oklahoma.

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