Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Colorful Colorado { Day 3 }

We woke up this day, knowing that we needed to get in what the hubby really wanted to do, this day. It was his one and only day where we didn't have to go to a doctor's appointment, and it was before his surgery. All the days after his surgery, he would have to stay in the complete pitch dark 24/7 (5 days straight), so that it would give his eyes the rest they'd need, after his surgery. So this was the last day to get in as much as we could.

We started the morning off, with a trip to friend's recommended coffee shop... Agia Sophia in Old Colorado City. I had myself a delicious Americana... while we also enjoyed a strawberry smoothie, latte and birch beer. We took those few moments to savor coffee, that wasn't from the hotel... 

Shortly after, we made our way to Garden of the Gods. What a beautiful sight to behold. We drove through it first, and then decided to do a trail that would get all of our energy out. Unfortunately, the trail that we went on, wasn't the one we intended on going on (the map seemed a little "off") so we didn't loop around and see the base of the mountains like we wanted to. It was still a fabulous stroll, with a fabulous view.

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