Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Colorful Colorado { Day 4 }

The hubby had one more last appointment, the day before his surgery... They had to make sure all was okay, measurements were made correctly, and had to pass along all the medicines he would need, so he could rest as soon as the surgery was over. Before his appointment, we made our way to Woodland Park, the "City Above The Clouds". We found a little trail to walk, and we did just that... walk, while Marley collected. She started off with collecting pine needles, and ended the walk collecting more stones.

Once we were done with our walk, we made our way to the Air Force Academy, where we were able to peek around the chapel area as well as watch the cadets line up for noon meal formation. What a beautiful place it was, nestled into the mountain the way that it was.

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  1. Such beautiful places- WP and USAFA. The turning leaves made them especially lovely while you visited.