Monday, October 19, 2015

Colorful Colorado { Day 6 }

When I asked social media where we should visit while spending time in "The Springs", a large majority of answers said that we needed to check out the zoo. I'm not quite sure why we waited until the weekend to check it out, but we did. If we had to do it over, I probably wouldn't have gone on the weekend... we would have switched it with something we did during the week. The crowds were ridiculous. As in, ridiculously ridiculous.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is nestled right into the Cheyenne Mountain. There are switchbacks that lead you up and down the mountain to get to all the different parts of the zoo... as well as elevators for those moments when stairs are the only option. It was a tight zoo, compared to ours in Oklahoma City that feels so expansive. But, they had quite a few animals that we don't have at our zoo, which made it fun. One section specifically was for Australian animals... and of course we all melted over the wallabies.

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  1. I have so many memories of this zoo from my childhood and I love how they've maintained it. Not to mention it's the zoo with the highest altitude in the world ;-) Can't wait to take my kiddos there some day!