Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Woodland Albums Review

I'm all about preserving photos... printing them out... hanging them all over the house, crafting with them, etc. So often, these days, we just keep them on our devices (phones, computer, camera) and never do anything with them. So, when I was contacted by the executive creative director of Woodland Albums, a sister brand of Forbeyon, Inc. to test out one of their mat boxes... I knew, I had to. This sweet company specializes in creating beautiful, simple yet elegant, handmade albums. The mat box, holds 10 or 20 photos. Each photo is matted, which gives it a super clean and put together look. The mat box can be used to showcase your photos to future clients (if you're a photographer), or can be gifted (which I did) to a client to display in their home.

There's an array of colors to choose from, but I decided to stick with a black silk. It's chic... classic, and these boxes are sturdy.

I picked 20 photos to have matted for the box... loading those photos onto the site to create, is easy. You're able to view everything before completing your order, so you can be sure you have everything you'd like, and not duplicates. 

My favorite part, is how each matted photo is crazy durable. I like that you can keep them together as a set in the box... or how you can take a few out and place them all around your house. It's a beautiful keepsake. 

Lastly, the order arrived in a kraft box... which was perfect to pass along (with just a little added lace and flowers) to my client. Simple and sweet. 
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