Saturday, October 31, 2015

You've Been PUMPK'D.

The day after we were out at the gardens for the fall festival, I received an e-mail from the gardens (we are members because we go so often... highly recommend it) stating that they would be a hosting a "Great Pumpkin Sale". There were what felt like millions of pumpkins while we were at the festival... and I thought it would be fun to snatch a bunch of them up, and drop them on random porches in our neighborhood. So we took off one late morning, and made our way back to the gardens. For $5.00, we could pick ANY 10 pumpkins that we wanted to walk out of there. It was the perfect way for them to clean up the gardens after the festival, and help us have a little fun with our neighbors. The double BOB stroller, totally came in good use. We picked up a bunch of different sizes/colors of pumpkins... but picking which 10 to take, was tough. I could have brought them all home. Once we got home, we created little tags, "You've been PUMPK'D... happy "almost" halloween" and attached them onto the pumpkins. During our evening walk, we dropped off all the pumpkins onto random front porches... and still have 2 to carve out for ourselves. I'm always trying to find ways in which to "have fun" for Halloween. So many people have their reservations about this holiday, but there are ways to have such clean fun.

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