Monday, November 23, 2015

Fun Little Bundle

We received our Nature Pal Exchange package the other day from the sweet family in Virginia that we were matched with... what a fun little bundle that they put together for us! It's super fun collecting and sending off things from Oklahoma for others to enjoy, but receiving was just as much fun. Seeing all the differences between our two states was interesting.

I asked the kids to pull out what their favorite pieces were, and here's the responses I got:

Charlotte: " I really like the scarlet emperor beans... they look magical, like the beans for 'Jack In The Beanstalk'... like giant, magic beans. "

Marley: " I like the fedder (feather)... oh it's from a pwretty birdie."

Finn: "..." I'm pretty certain his favorite part was the wrapping that everything was bundled up in.

Nature Pal Exchange swaps, are like gifts that keep on giving. The surprise of it arriving in the mail, the adventure of exploring all the contents (took my children about an hour), and then playing with all the goodies. Next up, we will be journaling about all of the goodies that were sent our way.
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