Monday, November 30, 2015

Loving Adventures Fiercely

In the beginning of November, I decided to be brave, and take my 3 tiny humans back to the east coast for a visit with family and friends. 16 hours and 45 minutes... was the time that Google Maps told me that it would take to get to my sister's house (our first stop).  I knew I couldn't do it in one day... so, I broke the trip into 2 days of driving. I made sure the first day, to drive until I couldn't drive anymore (I did the first leg in 11 hours) and left 5.5 hours to the second day. Stopping along the way is always the exciting part. I love driving through places/states I have never seen. There was no agenda, there was no places we knew we were stopping, there was no hotel reservation booked, there was no researching the route I was taking. The unknown is what made it all that much more of an adventure. And I love adventures something fierce...


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