Thursday, December 29, 2016

Celebrating 35

My sweet husband turned 35... I love that we celebrate his birthday 6 months before my own... He gets to fill me in on how that age is, before I get there. We try and adventure out each year on his day... and this year wasn't any different. We found a new State Park to scope out (we didn't let the rain stop us), enjoyed a little kid free time at the local beer garten (thank you Dad and Mom for watching the kids), and finished the day off with some homemade apple crisp and presents. 35 doesn't look too bad, does it?

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

It was a Christmas of firsts... First time celebrating out west... first time celebrating in this house... first time celebrating with twins (as a family of 7)... and first time we had family come to was the first time the twins met their great grandma... and the first time the kids tried crab legs (which they loved)... the first time I made Christmas cookies without stressing out over baking... I could go on and on... the lists of firsts, feels endless. It was a joyous time, one to remember for years to come...

"You've come, to bring peace, to be love, to be nearer to us. You've come, to bring life, to be light, to shine brighter in us.  Oh Emmanuel, God with us. Our Deliverer, you are Savior.   In Your presence we find our strength. Over everything, our redemption, God with us.  You are God with us. You've come, to be hope, to this world, for Your honor and name. You've come, to take sin, to bear shame, and to conquer the grave. You are here and You are holy...  We are standing In Your glory.. "
- God With Us, All Sons & Daughters

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Week.

Slowly but surely, it's beginning to feel like Christmas over here... we don't go too crazy in the decorations department. However, each year, each child gets a new ornament in their box... that way, one day when they're on their own, they'll have their own ornaments to hang all over their tree (and my tree will look mighty lonely without them). For now, those are the ornaments (the ones in their box) that they get to hang, wherever they want to hang them on our tree, and Mommy and Daddy cannot move them (even if they're all on the same branch). This year, the hubby won the long argument of stringing bubble lights... the most hideous light, in the history of ever. Next year, he has to win "rock, paper, scissor" in order to use the same ones... I can't make it that easy next time. 2 new stockings were sewn up and hung with the rest on our mantle, for the twins. I'm pretty sure that's my favorite added decoration for this year. Now, we're ready to celebrate... thankful that family will be coming into town tonight. What a merry week it's sure to be.

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