Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In Amazement...

Dear Charlotte,

And another year passes... Happy 5th Gotcha Day! A whole handful of years have flown by... The day we brought you out of the orphanage is still so clear in our minds. It's a day, I don't think we will ever forget. We (Mom and Dad) were such balls of nerves... anxious as can be, for you to be ours. We waited a long time for you little girl.... and we would wait that long all over again if we had to.

Charlotte... you are such an overcomer. Whenever we share your story with others, they are in awe of you... and we don't blame them, because that's how we look at you. Some days you challenge us like no other (but really, what 8 year old doesn't?).... and some days you completely have us in amazement... you keep us on our toes. We are grateful for that.

You are always ready for an adventure... that heart of yours likes the thrill of "new" and the "unknown". You were meant to be in this family... to accept all the change that constantly surrounds you. You are fierce and fearless... the way you take on most obstacles, is amazing. You tend to be hard on yourself, especially if you can't do something "perfectly"... but we continually remind you that "Davis' don't give up!" and that if "you can't make a mistake, you can't make anything"... and then you like to throw those phrases back in our faces, when Mommy and Daddy or Finn and Marley are being hard on themselves.

You continue to brighten our days... that light is only getting brighter... which just warms us.

You are such a blessing to us... keep on celebrating life precious child,

Daddy, Mommy, Marley, Finn and baby A and baby B

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  1. C, you are loved overwhelmingly so by this one. You have grown so much and are a joy to anyone who meets you. Happy Gotcha day Davis family!

  2. Happy 5th Family day, Sweet Charlotte! Karen, I always think back to her darling bedroom that you created for her to come home to. It's crazy how fast the time flies, huh? Congratulations on the Twins, by the way. Looking forward to watching them grow. Take care of yourself, Mama! Hugs from MN. - Jo Moseley

  3. Happy 5th Gotcha Day, Charlotte! Your story continues to inspire love and joy all around the world. Keep being unabashedly you and you'll go far, kid! Lots of love from NJ!
    Sincerely, Vicki & Family